Prepping How To & Charity: Neighbours, Friends, & Families

As I have already covered in another post, many preppers have been called selfish.  Well, today’s post proves otherwise.  Today, we discuss how to prep OURSELVES for OUR FAMILIES, FRIENDS, and NEIGHBORS.  This isn’t about helping yourselves.  This isn’t even about prepping for our direct family’s survival.  We are the ones that believe what we say.  … Read more

Square Garden Design: Guide to Square Foot Gardening Spacing

Transform your garden into a thriving paradise with the power of square foot gardening. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the art of efficient garden design, companion planting, and the versatility of 4×4 grids. Uncover the secrets to year-round harvests and explore the potential of turning your garden into a winter wonderland with PVC greenhouses. Get ready to make your garden the envy of your neighbors with our expert insights.