121: Making the Most of What You Have in a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)

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August 8, 2016
bug out vehicles
122: High Mileage Options for Long-Distant Bug-Out Vehicles (BOVs)
August 26, 2016
bug out vehicle

No vehicle is perfect for everything. This doesn’t mean it isn’t good enough.

Your vehicle can be good enough, but you need to consider:

  • Your Vehicles Capabilities
  • Where you are, where you are going, and everything between

Vehicle Capabilities to consider

  • Terrain during transit
  • Terrain at your Bug-Out Location (BOL).
  • Storage Room
  • How far you can go on stored fuel

How much storage room does your vehicle have?

  • Your vehicle needs to hold your family
  • Your vehicle needs to hold your gear

Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) needs to hold your family.

  • Each adult takes a seat.
  • Each child could take up more with a carseat.
  • Each child not in a carseat could take half a seat.
  • Car, SUV, Minivan, Van, ETC?
  • Another Variable: Will you take one vehicle or two?

Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) needs to hold your gear.


You have a Bug-Out Bag (BOB)

A pre-stocked Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)

When SHTF, you will grab as much stuff from your home as possible.

Your vehicle must be able to hold all of your gear.

  • You will pack the back full
  • Everyone will stuff items under their seats
  • Can your suspension system handle this weight?
  • You may add a car-top carrier
  • You could add a trailer

How far can your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) go on stored fuel?

(I plan to go more in depth on the next podcast, but I will quickly cover a few points)

  • Most vehicles can go around 350 miles on a tank of fuel… 180 miles on half a tank.
  • Keep your tank full.
  • Get a larger tank
  • Carry extra fuel with you (safely)

You should make sure your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) works:

  • Where you are at
  • Where you are going
  • And any terrain that could be on your route

You need to choose a vehicle that can carry everyone and everything you need:

  • Don’t leave behind vital gear
  • Worse… don’t leave behind a family member or pet because you didn’t have room.

Be responsible… choose a vehicle for travel capabilities, storage room, and fuel consumption.  

Don’t become the guy with a supped-up Jeep that overheated or ran out of gas and broke down in stopped traffic.  That amazing off-road vehicle isn’t so amazing anymore… is it?

bug out vehicle

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