120: Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) Traits for a Safe and Reliable bug out

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July 18, 2016
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bug out vehicle

Bug Out Vehicles (BOVs) are great tools.

Advantages vehicles have over being on foot:

  • Carry more
  • Can go further
  • Travel faster

The combination of bugging out quickly, and the speed of a vehicle can get you ahead of everyone else.

A Good Bug Out Vehicle will Provide What You Need

bug out vehicle

Every good Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) must do exactly what you need.

They can’t break down when it matters.

Vehicles don’t have brains, so you must use yours.

Choose a vehicle that can fufill your exact needs and terrain.

9 Requirements for Choosing the Best Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)

Almost no vehicle will have every single characteristic you want without spending several hundred thousand dollars.

You must understand each vehicle necessity and choose what is most important to you.

  • Reliable
  • Affordable
  • Terrain Capable
  • Full of Storage Room
  • Mileage Travelers
  • Repairable
  • Practical
  • Unrecognizable
  • Able to Carry Your Family


You shouldn’t be concerned that your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) will break down on you.


Your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) shouldn’t cost a fortune.  The best vehicle is the one you own.

Terrain Capable

Where are you? Where do you need to go? Can your vehicle get you there? Bicycles and Motorcycles aren’t practical for ramming through fences.

Full of Storage Room

Can your vehicle hold all the gear that you want to take?

Mileage Travelers

Your vehicle needs to go as far as possible between gas stations.

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Can you fix your vehicle? When parts are few can it be fixed by a mechanic?  How complex is the engine?


Must be useful in daily life (families, groceries, normal daily activities).


Do you have a jacked-up Hummer, with a neon “zombie-response team” logo on it or is it a basic 4×4 pickup?

Able to Carry Your Family

If the vehicle can’t carry everyone that will be bugging out, and their gear, it is not a good Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV).

Decide What Vehicle You Own is a Great BOV

Figure out how to use your current vehicle as a Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) first.

Stock it up with your gear.

If you have to get a new vehicle, please make sure it is practical for every-day life.



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