111: Bug out Location Purchasing, Land, and Layout

Protect Yourself from Crooks When Purchasing a Bug-Out Location
March 14, 2016
Achieve Abundant Water on Your Bug Out Location (BOL) with Only a Couple Items
March 21, 2016

Don’t overpay or regret your decisions.

This may be simple, but many people do it wrong.  Don’t get too emotional when purchasing your property and well ahead of the time that you look at purchasing land, spend a bit of time assessing the area and the typical market value and assessment values, so you aren’t robbed in the transaction.

Look at the wrong things, and you

could pay down the road!!!

You could end up at the wrong end of a disaster or lawsuit, so watch your back.  You need to do your homework on the following items.

  • Price of the Property / Budget
  • Property Layout
  • Legal Problems
  • Geographic Location and Environmental Risks
  • Hobbies, Enjoyment, Lifestyle
  • Current Residents

Why would you need to consider all of these things?  Most people will maintain a bug out property for a while with the intention of turning it into a home, homestead, or farmstead.  

Even if you decide that you don’t want to live on your BOL full time, when SHTF, you may be forced to.  If you follow all the steps I mention here, you will choose the perfect location for a Bug-Out Location or for a Homestead.

Today, We will be covering price and layout.

Simple techniques to assess price for your BOL or Survival Property

Don’t lose the farm because you chose the wrong one!  Know what the heck you can afford and what you can’t.

Simple and Amazing Budgeting For Bug Out Location Purchases

If you don’t make smart choices when purchasing a Bug Out Location (BOL), you could eventually lose it because you couldn’t afford it in the first place.

Do you want to know what you can afford?  I have a simple technique that can tell you something that is affordable according to what your income is.

Don’t Listen to the Lenders!

Typically, Lenders tell you that a mortgage payment with Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (PITI) added together should be 28% of your monthly income.  Don’t do this.  This is an overextension of the typical person today.  This doesn’t even cover the total price. Your First Purchase

Your first home price should not exceed your yearly income and the Monthly PITI should be no more than 20% of your taxable income.

Your First Purchase Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Your first home price should not exceed your yearly income and the Monthly PITI should be no more than 20% of your taxable income.

If you make $50,000 a year, then you shouldn’t purchase a home that exceeds this cost (I give a 5% deviation here).  If you have a decent credit score, your mortgage will end up being $400 – $500 a month which will be somewhere around 10% of your monthly income.

Always provide a down-payment of 20%.

Always provide a down-payment of 20%, when you can.  This will bring the monthly cost down to 2-300 dollars.  It is totally worth it.

If you have horrible credit and no down payment, then you may achieve 20% of your monthly income, but you should consider if this is wise.

Don’t Endure Financial Strain after Your Bug Out Land Purchase

I am assuming that you already have rent or a mortgage payment that is eating up some of your income.

Your secondary location should be no more than half of your yearly income, and should cost less than 10% of your Monthly income.  So your BOL should cost you (assuming you still earn $50,000 per year) less than $25,000 total and less than $500 per month.  With decent credit, this would actually be around 2-3 hundred dollars per month.

Cheap Land with a Large Down Payment will make your Bug Out Location affordable.

You will have to achieve this one of the following ways.

Choose Cheap Land – This option doesn’t mean that you don’t get what you want.  You can get creative on how you will achieve this with repossessions or land that needs some TLC or work.

Provide a Large Down Payment – This will reduce the price of the property.  It will also reduce the risk to the lender, who will reduce your interest and monthly payments required.

Sound Choices are the Best Way to Protect Yourself

If you want to protect yourself, you have to take the time to analyze everything.  Don’t get emotional.

Don’t get impatient.  You need to give yourself time to save up and to find good deals.  If you are actively looking and stay patient, you can find those great deals that everyone else seems to get.

Protect Yourself from Crooks When Purchasing a Bug-Out Location

As much as you want a nice Bug Out Location (BOL), a deceiving individual wants to sell one to you.  They want to sell you a property with no value for a huge profit.

Fight back against them.

Assess the price of the properties that you are looking at.

Once you have decided where you want your BOL to be (which I explain later), then you need to keep up with the prices of land in that area.  This will give you familiarity with the “going rate” in that area for raw land, improved land, and land with housing on it.

Use the following resources to get information on land in your preferred area.

  • Local Agencies or Realtors
  • Online MLS Listings
  • Online Land Listings
  • For Sale By Owner Listings

Local Real Estate Agencies

The realtors are in the market as an occupation.  Beware, though, because they make money doing the job.  Sometimes giving you a good deal will reduce their commission.

I would still choose to contact a good agent in the area, because they can send automated emails based on your specific search criteria.

Online MLS Listings

Sometimes these are third party sites, and sometimes directly published by realty companies.  Many times you can have the online site send emails with updates as well.  

If you want to have a large MLS database, you can try a website such as Realtor.com, but if you are looking for a listing that is directed to rural properties, you can try UnitedCountry.com.

Online Land Listings

Some third party sites aggregate information about land for sale.  One such site would be landsofamerica.com.  From this “hub site” you can choose the state you are looking for.

For Sale by Owner

There are also websites such as FSBO.com, but the prices on these sites aren’t usually that great.  Sometimes your best option is to call the phone numbers listed on the signs.

Real Time Property Assessment is How You Protect Yourself

Keep up with prices and public assessor information as soon as you are interested in land.  This will help you weed out the crooks, and maybe even get yourself a sweet deal.

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Choosing the Best Bug-Out Location (BOL) and Layout

Choose the right property, or get stuck with a useless plot of land.

If you don’t take the time to choose a property in the correct location, you could end up with land that you can’t access or with land that is inconvenient to use.

If you choose a great layout for your Bug-Out Location (BOL), you will have the perfect land with amazingly abundant resources.

Choose the perfect layout for your Bug Out Success

What type of property are you looking for?  Do you want raw land, finished land, or something with a house on it?

True, you could save money by getting completely RAW land, but at what cost?… Time!  One of the best setups for land is to have water available and some services.  This will provide you with amazing resources while you make your BOL into your dream property.

Achieve Abundant Water on Your Bug Out Location (BOL) with Only a Couple Items

Water is responsible for life on our planet, and that isn’t going to change.

One of the best and first items to setup for your land is to have water available and some services.  This will provide you with amazing resources while you make your BOL into your dream property.

You Want Abundant Water?

Yes please!  Water does many jobs on the homestead, farm, or in the garden.  It also does the job of keeping you alive!

Get a Well for an Almost Infinite Supply of Water

Many times, a well on the property will add price, but not much more than the cost of having one dug.  So, pay a little more to remove the headache.

Getting a well is extremely important to get running water on the property, no matter what your shelter is.

You could lose power, so have a manual backup to your well pump.  You will thank me.

If You Want to Be Able to Flush a Toilet, Get a Septic System

It is a massive advantage to have a septic system on the property.  This is another item that you may want to let another person do for you before you purchase a property.

Get Water From Natural Sources for EVEN MORE Abundance!

The best item to have on a property is to have a natural year-round spring.  Not only can you achieve delicious, filtered water from them, but you can power your home from it if it is near your shelter’s site.

Using the land, and deciding where everything should be, you can use ponds and water catchment to a huge advantage.

Uphill ponds are a ready-made, gravity-fed, off-grid water system.

Uphill ponds are a ready-made, gravity-fed, off-grid water systems.

If you have a slope on your property, having a pond uphill from your home is an awesome item to have, because you can create a gravity-fed off grid water system in a pinch.  After a water hookup, a pond would be my second project to prepare my BOL.

Why REAL Preppers DO Want Utility Service Connections on Their Properties

Yes, You Can Have an Off-Grid Home Completely Independent from Central Utilities

It is true that you can have a semi-off-grid option to most city/county utilities.   It is extremely important that you can provide yourself with the basic survival needs independently.

This is an obvious truth to mature survivalists.  We typically know a lot on the subject, including the list below.

  • Instead of water services, you can have a well.
  • Instead of sewage services, you can use a septic system, composting systems, etc.
  • Instead of garbage disposal services, you can compost, reuse, reduce, burn, and use a nearby dump.
  • Instead of the Electric Grid, you can use alternative energy sources.
  • Instead of Natural Gas, you can use propane tanks or wood gas generators.
  • Instead of Cable, you have the option of not watching TV, or going with satellite.

Sometimes, The Off-Grid Movement is Short Sided

Just because it is a great and noble mission to go off-grid, anyone purposely disconnecting fully from the grid without a good legal or monetary reason, is being stubborn and hard headed.

Being connected means the ability to move in and redundancy.

Utility Services are Typically Inexpensive to Install

Just because there is an alternative to every single service around, it is still a good idea to have service hookups to electricity and water as an inexpensive and/or temporary option.

Many times it costs much less to have a utility installed than it takes to build an off-grid system.  If you plan to temporarily camp in a tent or RV on this property, these hookups will be an awesome addition.

True Preppers Believe in Redundancy in our Systems

Preppers think that centralized systems are evil when in reality, they are set up to provide needs to lots of people.  If you really believe in redundancy, then why don’t you allow the utility be a backup to your “normally off-grid” setup?

Do Both!

Go Off-Grid.  But DON’T discount utility connections.  Provide yourself with the best of both worlds.

Outbuildings are Gold, When Purchasing Land

Outbuildings are extremely important.  Although adding services will make a property value go up, outbuildings usually don’t.  Outbuildings can provide you with a ton of value, even though you didn’t have to pay extra for it.

Great Uses of Existing Outbuildings

  • Old barns provide shelter to your animals and supplies.
  • Carports can cover your tractors, firewood, or hay.
  • Utility Sheds can protect your tools and other items.

Gardening Sheds are small utility sheds that can keep specialized tools close to the necessary jobs.

Having Outbuildings on the Property Can Save You Thousands.

You will purchase or build some, because you will find that you want them for specific applications.  Barns or shops can cost you 20-30 thousand dollars on the low end.  Carports or utility sheds could cost you from 1-10 thousand dollars.  And garden sheds are hundreds of dollars each.

Find a Property with Outbuildings, and You Could Save Cash

By having this stuff on-site already, we can save quite a bit of money.  We survival-minded people know what most people don’t.  We can see gold where most people don’t.

Don’t Lose Your Property to Flooding

You can choose a property for water access, but many times, this means that you have the possibility of flooding.  Check to see if the property is on a flood zone and the likelihood of flooding.

Is potential flooding a deal-breaker? No, but you have to make special arrangements to account for it.

Items You Should Never Forget when Purchasing Your Bug Out Location

You are making an investment in purchasing your property.  It is insurance as well as a home, therefor requires much thought.

The following items could help you find quality that others won’t.  It could also keep you from making a costly mistake.

Quick but Amazing Tips to Help Choose Your Land

Here are many different items that I didn’t go in depth about that are all considerations when you look at the layout of your property.

  1. Rain Catchment and Storage on Every Flat Surface
  2. Swale Water Catchment if the Ground Needs More Moisture
  3. With land can come trees! With trees comes firewood and fertility.
  4. You can bury fallen trees during cleanup to add fertility later.
  5. Outhouses or Port-a-Johns are extremely useful before support systems are set up.

How You Should Access Your Property

The best way to access your property would be a paved county road or back road.  A large, maintained gravel road would be the next best thing.

This type of access is free of typical through traffic of highways or busy roads, but is maintained enough that it is easy to get to or from your BOL.

Access to Your Property is KEY!

If you don’t have main road access from your property, you still need access to your property through an easement and dirt road.

Even before adding water to your property, you may want to build a good, solid gravel access to your property.  This access will make all other work cheaper.  

Be careful of buying “Land Locked” properties.

Be careful of buying “Land Locked” properties.  This is a property that is separated from access on all sides by others’ land.  

This will be a massive headache down the road.  There is a valid reason these properties are so cheap.  The owner doesn’t want to deal with it!

Don’t Let Your Vehicle Keep You From Using Your Land

Your first Bug Out Vehicle is going to be whatever you have.  Your vehicle must be able to access your property, preferably in every season.

If you already have a location, you need to purchase a vehicle that will be able to get onto your property, or create an entrance that your vehicle can get through.

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