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March 7, 2016
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March 14, 2016

Choosing an Amazing Bug-Out Location (BOL)

9 Cheap and Effective BUG OUT LOCATIONS (BOLs)

The best bug out locations cost very little, they will get you through most disasters.

Most are not what you would expect to be a good bug out destination.

Possible Bug-Out Locations (BOLs):

  1. A Hotel
  2. Cheap Studio Apartment
  3. Your Family
  4. Your Friends
  5. Land of Friends/Family
  6. Campgrounds
  7. Wilderness Retreat
  8. RV or Camper
  9. Purchasing Your Own Land

Hotels are Great for Short Term Bug-Outs


If you have a small scale emergency, try a hotel.

You should have contact information of hotels in your town.  Have information up to 2 hours in each direction from your home.  You will already be booked, while others are scrambling to find a place.

Hotels are perfect for house fires, flooding, or something else that only effects your home.

Keep an emergency fund in cash.  If you have a $1000 fund, paying for a place would be easy.

Depending on the disaster, hotels may be covered under insurance.

A Cheap Studio Apartment is a Strategic Bug-Out Location (BOL)

studio type

A great Bug-Out Location (BOL) would be a place you love or that you like to visit a lot?

If you can find a great studio apartment for a cheap price, it may be a good idea to rent it.  You can use the apartment as a vacation spot, and it is another location you can go to in an emergency.

Your Family can Come to the Rescue

family rescue

Family can provide you with a place to stay.

In most emergencies, you just need to find a place to go that has an established life support system.

Make a deal with your family, before an emergency occurs: They provide you with a place to go, and you will do the same.

Build up a good amount of gear or provisions to provide your basic needs, and bring it with you so you are less of a burden

You Could Stay With Friends… For a While

stay with friends

If you need a local place to stay for a short time: less than a week or two, then friends could help you out.

Make a deal with your family, before an emergency occurs: They provide you with a place to go, and you will do the same.

If You Can’t Use Their House, You May Be Able to Use Their Land

Reasons that your friends or family may not be able to provide you with a place in their home would be:

  • Financial shortcomings
  • Lack of space and food
  • Because they don’t like you (c’mon now)

Your friends can still be good, helpful people.  

They may have land that is large enough for them to provide you the ability to set up your shelter on their land.  RVs would be a great option in this circumstance.

Recreation Vehicles (RV) or Campers are a Great Option

bug out vehicle

RVs and Campers may be poor homes, but when you compare it to freezing your butt off in a tent during the icy cold winter, they are amazing.

You could be having a decent night’s sleep on your tiny mattress, in an air conditioned shelter, instead of sleeping on the ground with all the critters and crawlers.

RVs and Campers may be used on campgrounds instead of staying with friends or family

With a small amount of work, they can go completely off-grid.

Another use for that RV is a traveler and place to stay on vacations!

Campgrounds are a Convenient Way to Camp


Campgrounds may not be at the top of your list, but they aren’t all bad.

You can comfortably us a Camper or Tent.  They have nice flat and level surfaces.

AC is available as well at many of them.  Here are a few nice comfort items you can run from a camp-side power receptacle:

  • Fan
  • Small AC unit
  • Basic Lighting
  • Heated blankets
  • Air Mattress Pumps
  • Small Water Pumps

Wilderness Destinations are Rough, but an Option

Most people don’t go more than a few miles in.  Much of the hunting would be yours for a while.

However, most of you are nuts if you think that you are going to be able to live out of a tent in the middle of nowhere when everything is high stress and high tension.

Even if the option isn’t great, you probably still need to be prepared to do this.

A skill you should learn is to build wilderness shelters meant for your area and climate.

When you begin practising for primitive camping, here are a few “must-haves” for the beginner:

  • Paracord – A great way to tie things off for stability and strength as well as a backbone for draping tarps over when making an A-Frame shelter.
  • Hiking Air Mattresses – I cannot stress quality enough in hiking mattresses.  The air pocket is both a cushion for your back, as well as insulation between you and the ground.
  • Space Blanket – An extremely small square that unfolds into a great emergency blanket for warmth.
  • Bedsheet – This is a comfort item that pairs well with the Mylar space blanket.

The Best, Most Expensive, and Last Option is Purchasing Land

purchasing land

Your own land is extremely advantageous for many reasons.  Some reasons are:

  1. Working on the property before you ever live on it.
  2. Setting up an infrastructure that is beneficial to bugging out.
  3. Feeding the wildlife, so you have abundant food sources.
  4. Placing permanent food sources on the property, such as trees or bushes.
  5. Posting the property ahead of time as private, so it is known before you need it.

Land ownership provides you with many options and allows you to set up the best possible situation.  When you need to bug out, you could already be set up.

Because this option costs much more than many of the other options I have given you, it should be well-thought out.  Don’t rush into it, when the other options are available.

How to Use Cheaper Bug-Out Locations (BOLs) to Purchase Land

You should prepare financially to use the cheaper Bug-Out Locations (BOLs) first.  If you never have to use what you save up, it now becomes a down payment for your future land.

Purchasing land should only be considered after your immediate needs to bug out are met.

Eventually you will want to move into your own BOL on your own land.  You can do this when you have the means to do so, but until that day, work on the other Bug out locations first

A Good Bug-Out Location (BOL) Provides Basic Needs

You don’t need a 5 bedroom, 2 bath, Ranch House.

You don’t need to a 50 Acre plot of raw land.

You need shelter and enough land to provide you with your basic needs.  Less than 5 acres would be enough to develop into an amazing bug out location.


Land Equals Wealth

All wealth comes from the land.

  • Every crop grows from it.
  • Steaks
  • Fruit
  • Chicken
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Oil
  • Natural Gas
  • Iron and Steel


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