107: Off-Grid Living with Gary Collins

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February 8, 2016
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Gary Collins of The Primal Power Method about Nutrition and Preparedness

Garry Collins

Gary Collins is the creator of the Primal Power Method.  He holds degrees in exercise science, criminal justice, and forensic science.

Gary was in Military Intelligence, worked for the U.S. State Department, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and was an FDA special agent.

He is a master level personal trainer specializing in fitness nutrition, exercise therapy, strength and conditioning, youth and senior fitness.

Simplify Your Life by Building an Off-Grid Home

Building an Off-Grid Home is Simple, but Is It Easy???

Building an off-grid home is not as simple as most prepping websites want you to believe, because then they wouldn’t be able to sell you their crappy plans.

Gary is building one.

We talk about how his project is going, and what lessons he has learned along the way.

Simplify Your Life with Off-Grid Living

off grid living

Gary and I talk about different ways you can simplify your life, and if going off grid is a good option for you.  We also talk about Gary’s future projects and announcements.

How Big Should an Off-Grid Home Be?

Gary gives tips on the size of an off-grid home, not only for comfort and realism.  But for entertaining guests, and for RESALE!

Waste Treatment Systems for a “Sellable” Off-Grid Home

septic tank

Use septic systems for your off-grid home to make the permits and bank involvement much easier to deal with.  It is basically just a composting toilet in the ground.

If you still want composting toilets, then have at it, but Gary warns against this.

Amazing Security Systems are in Your Grasp!

Gary explains the amazing wireless camera system that he uses, the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Game Camera, and how you can use it for monitoring your remote location.

He sent me a link to the boxes he uses around his property as well: http://www.camlockbox.com/

He also explains the tough but necessary fence he had to build around his property to deter theft.

Exit Strategies You MUST Consider when Building Your Off-Grid House

building an off grid home

We discuss the different things you should consider so your home is easy to sell, if you must.  Just because you plan to live there forever, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an exit strategy.

Gary Agrees to Contribute to my Upcoming Survival Training Website

Gary has agreed to be a contributor to my survival skills training website at http://bestsurvivalskillstraining.com/.

How can you connect with Gary Collins?

For people just starting off, try http://www.primalpowermethod.com/start-here/

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