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Nutrition, Health, Exercise; and Their Effect on the Prepper or Survivalist Lifestyle 

survivalist lifestyle

Preparedness is a huge undertaking.  The journey of preparing can never actually be finished.  It is a mountain without a top.  It is a lifestyle.

The amount of things you have to do as a survivalist is so much, it can overwhelm you and destroy your health.

If you don’t take care of your health, your energy levels, your mental clarity, and your quality of life will take a nosedive destroying your efficiency and preparedness levels.

Gary Collins of The Primal Power Method about Nutrition and Preparedness

Garry Collins

Gary Collins is the creator of the Primal Power Method.  He holds degrees in exercise science, criminal justice, and forensic science.

Gary was in Military Intelligence, worked for the U.S. State Department, the Dept. of Health and Human Services and was an FDA special agent.

He is a master level personal trainer specializing in fitness nutrition, exercise therapy, strength and conditioning, youth and senior fitness.


A Verified Way to Kick Your Health and Self-Reliance up a Notch

Today, Gary and I discuss many different aspects of health and wellness.  We discuss how fitness and survivalism go hand in hand.

We explain the Primal Power Method and how it relates to the Survivalist lifestyle.

Exercising for Fun and For Fitness

We discuss running for health, fat burning, and the ketogenic state.  I even discuss what a typical run day is like for me.

Fat Burning and Performance Gain can oppose each other, so we discuss how to achieve both.

“Bullet-proof coffee” is easy to make.  We discuss an easy recipe, but Gary disagrees with me on the usefulness of it.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a drag!  I ask Gary how we can all create a fun plan for basic functional fitness, and a sport we both enjoy… Mountain Biking.

How can you connect with Gary Collins?

For people just starting off, try http://www.primalpowermethod.com/start-here/

Primal Power Method

Questions with Gary Collins

  1. For those who are unfamiliar with you can you explain the Primal Power Method and how it relates to the Survivalist lifestyle?
  2. I run a bit.  I can run over 10 miles straight and will be doing a half-marathon at the end of February.  I usually run in the mornings while my body is in a ketogenic state to burn fat a little more.
  3. I believe you call this, intermittent fasting. 
  4. So a breakdown of a typical “run day” goes like this:
  1. I wake up around 4 and drink a glass of water
  2. I run my mileage for the day
  3. On an intense day, I immediately drink a 4-8 oz glass of chocolate milk and eat a banana
  4. Skip that step on non-intense days.
  5. Next, I have bullet proof coffee, but I cheat a little.
  6. It is a tbsp. Kerry gold butter, 3-4 tbsp of coconut oil, a tbsp. vanilla, and 1-2 tbsp honey, 19 oz coffee
  7. Questions:
    1. Explain Ketosis and the Ketogenic state and its benefits and how intermittent fasting plays a role in this.
    2. How do I keep burning this fat, but at the same time, don’t lose the performance gain from the running?
    3. Do I destroy the benefits of the intermittent fasting as soon as I eat the banana and drink the chocolate milk?


interminnent fasting

Interminnent Fasting by Mercola.com

  1. I know you are a member of the IMBA.  What kind of mountain biking do you do?
  2. How can others create a fun workout routine that will provide great functional fitness?
  3. In addition to your health and wellness business, I know that you are in the middle of building an off-grid home.  How is that project going?
  4. What can you share with the listeners about simplifying your life and going off-grid?
  5. Any tips or lessons you can share?  Security lessons?
  6. Do you have any future projects or announcements?
  7. I am creating a training website for the survival, preparedness, and self-sufficient community.  Would you be willing to be a contributor to the site with great fitness and wellness training modules?
  8. What are some helpful links for the community? http://www.primalpowermethod.com/start-here/


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