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January 11, 2016
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Terrible Disasters that will Require Bugging Out
January 18, 2016
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Should You Bug In, or Bug Out?

You have learned from the best…

You have a well-stocked bug out bag.  You have a keen eye and can pay attention to everything in your surroundings. You listen to all the local radio streams and know everything that is going on around you.

You can get out of dodge right away, before most people even knows what has happened.

But leaving your home, also known as bugging out, is a big deal.

You have a much better chance of survival if you stay in your primary residence, or Bug-In.  

Only leave, as a last resort, when absolutely necessary.

Terrible Disasters that will Require Bugging Out

If absolutely necessary, you may finally commit to bugging out.

The purpose of bugging out is to get out of the way of a threat or great danger that will become a real problem if you stay where you are at.

These threats can be natural or social disasters.  If a disaster happens, don’t wait until it is too late to make a decision.

Natural Disasters Happen, Be Ready for Them

terrible disasters

Natural Disasters are proven to occur, many times without warning.  You may be required to bug out in many different natural disasters.

  • Fire
  • Tornado or Hurricane
  • Volcano
  • Earthquake
  • Flood

Social Creatures create Social Disasters, React Quickly

Because we are constantly designing and testing new things, people create their own disasters.  Because we are social creatures, we get caught up in “mob mentality.”

Mob Mentality, our creativity, our social structures, and our own greed are the causes of a large number of disasters.

  • Nuclear Disasters
  • Economic Collapse
  • Civil Unrest


If you don’t choose quickly, you may suffer extremely!

It is extremely important to decide early when to leave and when to stay.  You must be resolute in your decision as well.

If you don’t know what to do before hand, you won’t decide quickly enough.  If you don’t decide quickly, you will probably pay the consequences.

  • The problem could catch up to you.
  • You could get stuck in traffic.
  • You could fail to get the necessary gear.

Getting Home is usually more important than the well-known “getting out of dodge.”

Over half of your day is probably spent away from home.  You need a “Get Home Plan” just as badly as you need a Bug out Plan.

Always be prepared for bad stuff to happen when you are NOT at home.  The same ways that you would plan to leave danger, you must be ready to go home.

There are many reasons that you do not want to bug out.

Don’t leave a comfortable home for sub-par shelter in a remote place that you don’t know.

Just because you can bug out, doesn’t mean you should!

11 Reasons NOT to Bug Out

Bugging out should only be done if absolutely necessary, which doesn’t happen very often.  Here are eleven reasons why:

Gear is Heavy and You aren’t that Strong

The strongest person alive can only carry so much gear in a bag.  

You will run out of food, and the weight of your gear adds up quickly.

Your home has the room for storing lots of emergency supplies.  Your bag doesn’t.

Parked Vehicles Don’t Break Down

Vehicles fail at the worst possible time.  Tires too.

Even if you have the best maintained car around, you could get stuck in traffic with your vehicle and trailer full of food.  Say goodbye to your supplies.

You have a better chance of leaving your vehicle stranded on road than making it all the way to your BOL.

First Aid Needs a Clean, Secure Shelter

I will take you to a hospital if you get hurt… not stables.

They are cleaner and provide climate protection.

When bugging out, you can be stuck out in the wilderness for days or weeks without the ability to move.

Which one do you prefer???

You are an easy target

At home, you can secure your property and you know your resources available to defend your property.

You are already familiar with your land.

The best defense you can hope for when bugging out is a good reckon plan and fast reflexes.

Recon is SLOW.

You can’t be trusted

If you want me to trust you, don’t come into my neighbourhood with an AR-15 or AK-47, personal armor, bug out bags, and night vision goggles.

I don’t know you.  I don’t trust you or your intentions.  I already trust my neighbor though.  You should have stayed with yours.

Being Hot or Cold can kill you

Your house has a thermostat, outside doesn’t. You have to deal with whatever weather you are given.

In the cold…

You will have to bundle up.  If it rains or you sweat, you can easily get hypothermia or a bronchitis.

In the hot…

You have to take precautions not to overheat yourself.

Extreme temperatures dehydrate your body.

Sleeping on dirt sucks

At home, you have a perfectly nice bed, couch, recliner, or even floor.

You even have pillows to use!

But instead, you want to sleep on dirt?… in fireants and spiders?

Even in a hammock you could be eaten up by mosquitos.  

You will get no sleep, and then, you will get moody and your health will deteriorate.

You have communities where you are

Neighbors will come together into a community focused on defending their neighborhoods and overcoming adversity.

Stay where you are trusted in the community.

Wilderness survival skills aren’t common

You need to have a wilderness survival skills down.  If not, most others won’t either.

Who will you rely on?

You can already maintain your property to a basic level of functionality.  Stay there if you can.

The middle of nowhere won’t be the middle of nowhere

You are going to head to the hills when SHTF.

So is everyone else!

After a couple weeks everyone will be hunting and foraging.  Resources will be scarce.

Rural roads will be a great place to be mugged and if you find private hunting grounds, you will be shot by the owners.

As you track down your food, it will leave

Finding game in late hunting season is already difficult.  Wildlife will pick up the scents and movements of people and go away.

They will see you as a threat.

The “smart” game will leave quickly.  The dumb game will die out quickly.

So… should you bug in, or bug out???

The decision is all yours.  I have spent much of the time telling you that you should consider bugging in instead.

But there are times that you should bug out to get rid of obvious dangers to your life.

When the time comes for you to make a choice to stay or go, hopefully, you have considered all of this beforehand, so you can secure your own home, or you can quickly get the heck out of dodge before anyone else.

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