096: Why You Should Build a Bug Out Bag Instead of Buying a Pre-Made BOB

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October 26, 2015
November 2, 2015
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Why You Should Build a Bug Out Bag Instead of Buying a Pre-Made BOB

bug out bags

Who are you?

Travis Hoglund of http://ebugout.com/

Ken: Ebugout is an amazing platform created to enable the average person to build a cost-effective, high quality, DIY bug out bag.  Everything listed on the site is from Amazon, so you get pricing of a giant online store, but the amazing front-end of a personally tailored store.  The clean look and feel of the site is better than ANYTHING I have ever seen!  I even interviewed the owner at http://theprepperpodcast.com/ebugout.

What is your experience in survival, and how did you get into it?

Been in survival a bit, but still a beginner in my eyes.

What made you decide to get into Bug Out Bags?

Bug out Bags can be a versatile resource to be used daily when any type of emergency occurs.  It can be used as a source of survival whether bugging in, bugging out, camping, driving, or hiking.

In Your opinion, which comes first, the bag or the gear?


Travis: I think you need to get the proper gear first, and then choose a bag so you know you have all the best stuff in your bag.

Ken: I disagree.  I am a hiker, so I like to choose a pack first and, using quality items, pack it with your gear so you don’t end up with a 75 lb pack during a 20 mile march.

Why is tracking weight important in a bug out bag?

We both fully agreed that weight is important in a bug out bag because every ounce becomes a pound when you’re trekking it for more than a few miles.

Why is a pre-packaged bug out bag not a good choice for people?

BOB Scenario #1: You get crap.

The items that you get are the cheapest items possible with the highest markup possible for the seller.

BOB Scenario #2: You Get Over-Charged.  

Someone finds you quality items, but they have to make money.  Therefore, you pay for the items and markup.

BOB Scenario #3: Your BOB isn’t Made for You.  

Although someone gave you a well-priced bag with good gear, it is not the gear that YOU need, it is the gear that HE LIKES.  You are different, have different skills, live in a different area, and have different needs that the bag creator.

Why is it important for people to select their own gear?

Know Your Gear!  You know what you have, why you have it, and how to use it.

How important are quality items in a bug out bag?

Quality items are paramount. You don’t want your life to depend on sub-par equipment and gimmicks.

How do people with low income make a quality bug out bag?

  • Prioritize your gear.
  • Purchase small amounts of gear at each time.
  • You will spend around 270 on a good BOB.
  • Don’t buy crap because it is cheap.
  • Purchase tried and true gear on http://survivalgeartools.com/ and http://ebugout.com/
  • You can create your own DIY gear.

Are there any products specifically that have really stood out to you in your experience?

Lightning Strike Fire Starter: Costly but Awesome.

Even though your striker can strike double the strikes, they don’t start fires in one strike, so get a quality steel and they will outlast the cheaper items.

Climate Sleeping Pad: 2.5 inches of air.

Lighter, takes up less space than, and is more comfortable than foam mats.  They do tear more easily.

Do you have any advice for people when creating bug out bags?

Keep items in your bag that can make you feel normal or can keep your morale up.  This raises your chances of survival.

  • Cards
  • Harmonica
  • Instant Coffee

Keep high-quality Gear.

Use the gear that you carry.  Practice makes perfect!


What is the web address to your site?


How does your site work?

We do not charge anything for the use of the tool, and all of the products we recommend come from Amazon.

This way – user gets the prices, shipping times, reliability, customer support, and return policy of Amazon.  On our end, Amazon gives us a small referral fee for sending them business (but this is not an increased cost to the consumer).  In order to show how much we care about getting quality into our customers hands, we spent over $10,000 and purchased everything, tested it, and reviewed it.



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