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September 28, 2015
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October 5, 2015


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Analyzing Your Preparedness and Getting Your Prepping in Gear

Today is a full length survival consultation with M.L.Riggle.

Prepping costs money!  Get your finances in order.

There are two ways to get money for your preparedness: make more money and spend less money.  DO IT!

Keep a budget so you can keep everything on track.

Pay off your debt!  Student loans do not go away during a bankruptcy.

This one single item that will prepare you the most will cost you less than a cup of coffee!

Get a disaster plan together for your family in the event of a catastrophe such as fires, storms, or blackouts.

Taking Action is your key to proper preparedness.

If you don’t get started, knowing what to do is useless.

Get Your Spouse on-board with preparing


Things are much easier when families work together toward the same goal.

NO ONE is keeping you from taking action other than YOU!

Your spouse is not your problem.  Your children are not your problem.  You have to be willing to take the next step.

If your spouse is uncomfortable with firearms, here are some quick steps to get him/her familiar.

  • Take your spouse to a range.
  • Teach your spouse basic range safety.
  • Use large-frame, but small-caliber firearms such as a .22 or 9mm.
  • Ease your spouse into the use of the firearm.
  • Take basic firearm training

firearms training

Don’t be intimidated to take a scenario based firearm training.  Your fears are usually unwarranted.

If you just cannot get comfortable with firearms, you can use non-lethal defense aids.

Tasers and Pepper Spray are great tools.

You can quickly achieve food preparedness with copy-canning and a food log.

Get to a minimum of one month of food supplies.
Store what you eat and eat what you store. Don’t buy a bunch of crap because you can.  Eat what is normal for you.
copy canning

Canning Peaches

If you have land access, garden it.  Make your own food.

If you think this is an awesome list of items that you need to follow, I have created an actionable checklist.


Just Sign Up Below to get the Checklist.

Water collection can be difficult to understand, but these items can clear it up.

  • First flow dumps will dump the excess chemicals in rainwater from roofing systems.
  • Use screening material to keep bugs out of your barrel.
  • Pull water from the bottom of your storage containers and run the water through a filter.
  • Barrels are typically overflowed to the ground when they fill up.
  • Barrels can be interconnected for shared level.

You can cook.  You have backups of backups.

But do you have fuel for those backups.

If you have maintenance medications, you need to get more.

There are many excuses you can make up to need another month of medications.

You aren’t getting drugs for “escaping reality,” you will be getting them for heart and other problems.

Sanitation can be easy for shorter periods of time.

Here are some easy steps for quick sanitary waste management.
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Camping seat
  • Blue toilet water treatment
If in the wilderness, you may just have to dig a hole in the ground.


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