091: Life With Lessons Learned from 9/11, Turning a Tragedy into a Positive Thing

9 11 volunteers
September 11th 2001 (9-11)
September 7, 2015
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Bugging Out, Bug Out Bags, Emergency Action Plans, and Amazing Techniques for Seniors
September 14, 2015


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Change Your Life With Lessons Learned from 9/11

Listen and learn valuable life lessons from 9/11.  If you choose not to learn anything from what happened on 9/11, you should be ashamed.

Listen and Learn to Turn a Tragedy into a Positive Thing.

9 11

It is tragic what happened that day, but you can create something good from it.  It will not remove the loss of lives, but can enrich yours.

  • The death of the people will not have been in vain.
  • Learning from your mistakes is smart.  Learning from others is wise.
  • You will learn just how evil people can be.
  • You learn just how good people can be.
  • You learn that risk goes up as population goes up.
  • At the risk of being shunned and tin foil hatted, I may talk about some conspiracy theories.

I WILL NOT GIVE MY PERSONAL OPINIONS ABOUT IT.  I would be doing a disservice to those people that lost their lives.

From Tragedy can Come Good, You Have to Make It Happen

So what good are we going to bring from this?  I will tell you what has come to me while I was thinking on this.

  • If I was in the airplane, what could I have done?
  • If I was in the building, what could I have done?
  • If I was a responder to this, what would I have done?

Build a massive self-defense arsenal that TSA won’t confiscate.

  • You can’t have a weapon on a plane, but you can have a cane.
  • Cold Steel makes the Irish Blackthorn, African Walking Stick, and Dragon Walking Stick
  • You can also have a Zebra 701 pen (Don’t want it to look too tactical)
  • Have Large Snap-Link Carbiners on your pack to use as knuckles.
  • You can make millwall bricks out of a flight magazine and water can make it harder.
  • You could use a heavy hairbrush like a Kubuton.
  • Use a heavy closed lock with a bandana through the latch, or in the end of a sock.

If you don’t fly, you won’t be in the plane.  If you do fly, choose a smaller plane, if possible.

Train for the Plane and Gain the ability to inflict Pain.

If you have all the tools or self-defense devices and no training, you are no good!

  • Be trained on hand-to-hand combat in close quarters.
  • Be trained on using a cane and kubuton.
  • Be willing to strike fast and with tenacity.
  • It is better that I go, than I and everyone else go.

Have escape routes planned and keep situational awareness.

If on the plane, be aware of people that may be suspect.

  • Forget Political correctness, watch WHOEVER you see as suspect.
  • Don’t forget that ANYONE can be a culprit.

In your buildings and offices, have an escape plan.

We can’t plan for everything that happens, but we can plan for a lot of typical dangers.

Have a way to get through fires and smoke.

  • Have a respirator or EEBD at your desk.
  • Keep fire resistant materials such as blankets at your desk.
  • If you are low enough, have an emergency escape route such as a ladder.

You can also keep safe in an earthquake or storm.

  • Keep flashlights in your desk.
  • Keep candles as well.
  • What do you have that can help if the ceiling starts to fall in?
  • Add reinforcements to your desk for strength
  • Have something that can take a lot of the trauma off of your body (that blanket?)

Become an effective Responder by knowing basic Triage

I have discussed SMART Triage in a previous podcast and in a blog post.

  • Triage will help you quickly determine who can be helped and who shouldn’t
  • Walkers are in good enough condition.
  • Then check Airways and breathing.
  • Then check perfusions and circulation.
  • Then check the mental state of the people.

As a responder in a mass casualty situation like this, I would have helped, but probably wouldn’t go into a collapsing building.  I can help less people if I am gone.

  • I could keep a map of victims as I am helping, but this may not be realistic.
  • I can’t spend a lot of time on each person, I have to help as many as possible.

Bugging Out Could Have Saved Lives

Nearby residents had exposure to the toxins in the air, many of which got cancer later in their lives.

People are Evil, and Do Evil Things.

Understand this single concept about them, and be willing to go a step further in defense.

  • People hijack planes and wreck them.
  • People shoot others for no reason.
  • People bludgeon others for pleasure.
  • Groups try to make a point by mass shootings.
  • Many people can just be imbalanced which causes them to do awful things.
  • Remember, we wouldn’t have needed commandments or laws about it if people didn’t do it.
  • Murder, Theft, Rape, Child Rape, Child Porn, and more are all types of sick and evil things.

People are Good, and Do Awesome Things.

firefighters of 9 11

Remember this concept and realize that everyone has the ability to be good.  Most people feel really good about themselves when helping others.  It can actually become an addiction to many.

  • Most people don’t become police because they want power.  They want to help.
  • None runs into a burning building so save people without having some good in them.
  • The men and women that responded to the 9/11 crisis heroically ran into the mess to help the victims.
  • Many men and women on United Airlines flight 93 tried to subdue the hijackers.  Yes the plane wrecked, but they saved lives and KNEW it could be the end of theirs.
  • Churches give to people that need for things.
  • There are massive non-profit charities designed for helping those in need.
  • There are massive for-profit companies that are built for helping others, and give to charity.
  • People take advantage of the good-will of others on street corners every day.  But I don’t want to see a day that the good-will to give a dollar goes away.

Thank You to the responders that gave their lives and health.

responders and volunteers of 9 11

“Thank You From The Bottom of Our Hearts”

Lot’s of military volunteered to help.

True Americans hold true to the values this country was founded on, not a flag.

Brave people showed me that they still remembered this.

  • They died helping victims.
  • I want to thank them and their families.
  • Over 55 responders that lived through it, have died of cancer since 9/11.
    • Most of this was after the fall.
    • This doesn’t count the many other diseases caused by toxin exposure

Responders were exposed to horrible chemicals.

  • Pulverized Concrete (causes silicosis)
  • Glass
  • Cellulose
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Mercury

They were exposed to the following chemicals in trace amounts.

  • Crystalline silica
  • Cadmium
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
  • All these toxins are known to trigger kidney, heart, liver, and nervous system breakdown.
responders of 9 11

A sweeping new study of firefighters and EMTs workers who inhaled toxic Ground Zero dust found


  • You proved the fabric of what a real person should be.
  • If you were a responder and had no disease diagnosis from it:
    • Everyone involved is still officially known to have 10% average lung impairment.

You Need People, in Small Numbers

If you want a low risk of murder, live in a rural area.  Large urban environments are risky.

  • Terrorist attacks target larger areas, and larger buildings.
  • More dangerous activities happen in urban areas.
  • As people get close together, the chance of crimes go up.
    • The chances of rioting goes up.
    • The chances of mob behavior goes up.
    • The chances of spreading illness goes up.
    • The chances of survival in a SHTF goes down.

9/11 is Full of Conspiracy Theories

Anytime something big happens, conspiracies occur.  Some of them are right, and some are wrong.

Let It Happen on Purpose

Many people think that the government knew what was going on and lowered defenses to allow it to happen.

Many believe that insider trading occurred prior to the attacks.

  • With one exchange almost 5000 put options were put in on Unitied Airlines between the 6th and 7th and hardly any call options.
  • The same exchange saw almost 5000 put options purchased on American Airlines on the 10th.
  • There was lots of volume in Citigroup (insured businesses), Morgan Stanley (in building),  and Raytheon (defense contractor)

NORAD Stood Down: Some theorists feel that NORAD failed to provide defensive support when the flights were attacked. Officials say that NORAD was blind to the occurrence.

Israeli Agents had foreknowledge: Many suspicious Israelis were arrested for “suspicious behavior” filming the skyline during the attacks.

Hijackers Shouldn’t Have Been Here: Many say that 16 out of 19 of the people involved had visa and passport issues that should have stopped them from entering the US.

  • 2 of them were known by the CIA as Al-Qaeda agents.

Made It Happen on Purpose

Many people think that the government collaborated with, or framed, Al-Qaeda for what happened.

Controlled Demolition: Many people feel demolition was controlled, such as physicists and architects.

  • Thermite and Nano-thermite was officially found which indicates explosives.
  • Molten Steel was also an indication of explosives.
  • Media said that the Fuel fires caused molten steel, but NIST blames it on weakened steel and impact damage.

Covered it up

Some people feel that the official account of 9/11 is incorrect and that there is cover up here.

Missile Attack: Many people think that the pentagon was hit by a missile instead of a plane due to the size of the impact hole.  I don’t think there is much merit here.

Flight 93: The only plane not to make it to its destination was said to be shot down by a fighter jet.

  • They believe that the passengers found out the government plot.
  • Their main evidence in support of this is the engine location, which was easily debunked.

Black Boxes: A couple guys claimed to have helped federal agents find three of four boxes while the official commission report said that the two from flights 11 and 175 were not.

  • Black boxes from 77 and 93 were found, but 77 was too damaged for data.
  • This leaves 93 with usable data… the one that never made it to it’s destination.

Other Conspiracy Theories

Some people have less popular theories about 9/11.

  • Foreign Covernments were behind the attacks.
  • German Experts stated that the White House translations of an Osama BinLaden Video was innacurate where it proves his guilt.
  • There were no planes that hit the towers, that they were missiles and there was digital compositing on the video.

Let’s bring this back to the responders here.

Thank you for responding to this terrible act with compassion.


All the responders and volunteers were heroic.

  • You made me proud to be an American.
  • I am not proud of the government.
  • I am not proud of our entitled generation.
  • I AM PROUD of the responders and volunteers of 9/11.
  • I am proud of the members of the fire department, the police department, and the military that helped… or volunteered to.


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