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Awesome Every Day Carry EDC Components and Containers Altoids Tin Lights Knives Paracord Keys ETC


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Every Day Carry

You should have a well-thought-out EDC on hand at all times.

You have a choice: Do I cower in fear or will I be ready to take on anything life throws at me?!

Your Every Day Carry is Extremely Important

  • This is the minimum amount of gear that you will keep on you at all times.
  • This gear provides you with a way to handle most common scenarios.
  • With an EDC, you get an easy-to carry, every day survival kit.

The Theory Behind an Every Day Carry List is to Think Ahead and Be Prepared

  • First, you have to consider what your basic survival needs are.
  • Then, based on those needs, decide how to meet those needs with something simple and small.
  • Then, based on your options, you have to decide to carry it EVERY DAY or not.

To meet your every-day needs, you first have to know what they are.

  1. Water
  2. Food
  3. Shelter
  4. Fire/Energy/Heat
  5. Security
  6. Health and Sanitation

Your EDC Should NOT Be the Size of a Buick.

  • It should be compact.
  • It needs to have just the essential items.
  • You need to use your brain when choosing what to put in it.
  • Get or Make a compact carrier for your tin.
  • EDCs are NOT designed for long-term survival.

These EDC Container Ideas are Cheap and Effective


  • Altoids Tin, there is an unmarked version.
  • Stainless Steel “freezer Container” From a Dollar Store (usually Poly Lids)
  • Your Wallet (Already on you, use it)
  • Outdoor Waterproof Survival Boxes
  • A basic Lock and Lock Container
  • Stainless Water Bottles
  • Compact Molle EDC Pouch
  • Women’s Make-Up Pocket Organizers
  • Even a Book??? I explain how to use this.

Compact Molle EDC Pouch

Your Needs and Your Brains will Determine the Effectiveness and Size of your EDC.

You can cover almost all of your basic needs in the palm of your hand!

Quench Your Thirst with Fresh Water

You go through a gallon of water per day.

You can’t carry that everywhere, you would look a little slow…

Instead, we consider how to MAKE clean water:

  • a couple water treatment tablets (Not the whole bottle)
  • If size isn’t a concern, you can keep a mini-filtration system like the Sawyer Mini.

These will cover most of the issues you will have with water. Viruses are a little tricky.

Fill that Belly with Whatever Food may Come Along

Just like water, you can’t carry EVERYTHING that you need to eat on a daily basis.

  • Examples of what not to carry:
  • Full Sized Meal
  • MRE
  • Canned Foods
  • A Turkey

Pay more attention to how you could obtain food.

Here are some small, useful, and AWESOME items to include in your EDC.

  • Dental Floss: Could be improvised as fishing line or snare
  • Fishing line: Could be improvised as fishing line or snare
  • Floss Bobbin: Keep your floss or fishing line on this.
  • Fish Hooks: Used for fishing
  • Aluminum Foil: Use it for improvised food cooking and water boiling. Keep your fish hooks wrapped up in it so you don’t get stuck by them.
  • Small Can Opener: In a bad situation, this could be extremely handy when finding canned foods when searching.

Cover Your Head from Let Rain, Sun, or Cold Weather

You can’t carry things like:

  • A Tent
  • A Sleeping Bag
  • A House


But, you CAN carry some useful shelter items in your EDC.

  • Mylar Space Blankets: Not durable, so, you probably get one use.
  • Paracord: I am a huge fan.  Do what it takes to keep in on you, even if it is the overhyped, paracord bracelet.
  • Fishing Line: This can be used for a backup cordage as well.
  • Your Watch: Switch from Digital to Analog (and waterproof) so you can navigate with it.

Your Protection and Sight Depend on Fire and Light.

Fires Provide you with protection from many predators and provides heat.

To create fire, you need some basic skills, and some basic tools.

  • BIC disposable lighters: Cheap and Reliable Source of fire.
  • Wrap some duct tape on this for the “fix-all” of survival.  It doesn’t add much bulk.
  • Everstryke Match: Fire is important, so keep backups.  This is an awesome match.
  • Small Ferro Rod: If you know how to get tinder, this will spark a fire well.  Another awesome backup.

Work and See with ease by Packing some “No-Brainer” Items.

  • Good Flashlight: For a cheap, but decent one, go with the Cree 7w flashlight.
  • Keychain Light: I have bulky keychains, but this should be on it.
  • HeadLamp: Not an easily packable item, and not in my EDC, but I like to add it because I love them!

Your Security and Utility is Extremely Important in the Day to Day.

Everyone Needs to be able to Slice and Carve stuff.

You MUST Be Able to Defend Yourself

Get a Sidearm (and concealed carry permit). I am not a Manufacturer Snob.  A good 9mm or .40 Cal from a reputable manufacturer is a good start.

Some Ideas are:

  • Glock 19
  • S&W M&P
  • S&W M&PC
  • Ruger LC9

Thinking Ahead Can Keep You Alive

There are some miscellaneous things that I like to keep.

  • Handcuff Key: Anyone can have cuffs now, and you could be kidnapped with them.  There is a Handcuff Key with a Light on Amazon.
  • Pen: Keep a pen for notes, both for memory and leaving notes of your location.  Why not have one that is a pen, whistle, and weapon all combined?

Be Ready for Very Basic Medical Emergencies and Discomfort

Keep a few items on hand to help with some simple chronic issues or a large wound.

foldable torniquet

Foldable Torniquet

  • Foldable Tourniquet: You never know what may happen walking down the street.  Keep this for large wounds.
  • Antihistamines: Keep allergies at bay so you can perform better.  Keep a few pills, not a bottle.
  • Pain Killer: Keep the pain away when it really matters. Once again, keep a few pills, not a bottle.

This list may seem long, but If You Use your Brain, and Come up With Ways to Integrate Survival Items for your Basic items, You will be amazed at what will be in your Every Day Carry.


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