088: Prioritize Disasters and Prepare for Anything that Matters

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August 10, 2015
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“Plan to be a disaster survivor with or without government help.
Planning is not hard. It just takes focus and a little effort.”

– Doug Hoell


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Learn to Prioritize Disasters and Prepare for Anything that Matters

natural disasters

Before you go out and get ANYTHING, you need to consider what disasters are possible and which ones are the biggest threat to you specifically. Remember, the bigger the disaster, more-than-likely, the smaller the chance of it happening.

Remember, a “The End of The World as We Know It” (TEOTWAWKI) scenario can happen from the smallest disasters. Your end of the world situation may not affect me.



Knowing Disasters is the First Step of Ultimate Survival

Most Likely to Occur, Localized in Damage, Extremely Small (on a global scale)

  • Job Loss, Loss of Bread Winner, Loss of Family Member
  • Mugging, Attack, Break-In
  • Fire or Flooding

Likely to Occur, Regional in Damage, Small to Medium

Less Likely to Occur, Regional to National, Large

Not Likely to Occur, National to Global, Large

  • Nuclear Disasters
  • Chemical or Biological Warfare
  • Super-Volcanos

Unrealistic to Occur, Global, Massive, No Proper way to Prepare

  • Impact from Space or Solar Flares
  • Sudden Polar Reversal
  • Black Hole

Understand the Basic Steps of Any Disaster and Be Ready for Anything


disaster plan

We’ll discuss each scenario a little further just to get your gears turning.

Most Likely to Occur, Localized in Damage, Extremely Small (on a global scale)

Job Loss, Loss of Bread Winner, Loss of Family Member

  • Make it for several months at first
  • Non-preppers are recommended 6 months
  • More would be better later on
  • Easiest way to start would be saving 1-months income, then work up from there.

Mugging, Attack, Break-In

  • Criminals are everywhere, urban or rural
  • There is more violent crimes in urban areas due to the close proximity of people
  • Some items to keep in mind
    • Know the “castle law” in your state
    • Have defense built in such a way you have the tactical advantage
    • Know your home
    • Good self-defense training
    • Tactical firearms training
    • Don’t do stupid things in stupid places with stupid people

Fire or Flooding

  • Less likely than the ones I have mentioned, but still very likely.
  • Keep in mind:
    • Having Home Owners / Renters Insurance
    • Inventory everything in your home (good for break-ins as well)
      • Photo/video archive
    • If it is important, it should be ready to grap and take at a moments notice
    • All electronic stuff should be backed up off site
    • This is a “down-to-earth” scenario for bugging out

Likely to Occur, Regional in Damage, Small to Medium

Loss of Local Water Supply

  • Water supplies fail because most are being pulled from rivers and lakes
  • These places are usually dumped into
  • A lot of times, these places also have reclaimed sewage dumped into them
  • Due to all these reasons, they can have the following occur:
    • Microbial infestations
    • Industrial chemical being introduced to the supply
    • I hear of boil water alerts
      • This only helps with microbes, not chemicals
    • Many companies and municipalities won’t even tell you until the last moment
  • Have water stocked up in reserve
  • Even if something like this lasts for only a few days, having no water will make it a nightmare

Tornados, Hurricanes, Winter Storms

  • These are natural disasters that cannot be avoided.
  • These can cause the following effects:
    • Power interruption
    • Food avalibility lost
    • Interruption to water
    • Bacterial, Viral, and Microbial Infestations
  • Having a list of supplies to keep in preparation will help a lot.  Things like:
    • Food
    • Water
    • Resilient Power
    • Medical Supplies
    • Manual means of retrieving necessary items
  • Tornados usually bring direct havoc and damage.
    • Sheltering is usually best.
  • Hurricanes bring flooding and have advanced notice.
    • Bugging out is usually best.
  • Winter Storms usually bring a way to trap you to your property.
    • Keeping items on hand and things to keep warm with on small backup power sources is important.
    • Using creative ways to uncover important items on your property is good as well.

Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Wild Fires

The problem with earthquakes and volcanos is that you don’t get much notice.  As soon as wild fires grow, people tend to get more notice.  If you have notice on any of these items, bugging out may be best.

  • I don’t need to go in depth with these, because I already covered a lot of the items up top.

You really just need to think about what each one means.:

  • Earthquakes leave broken buildings with trapped people.
    • Have earthquake ready for future if you are in prone areas.
  • Volcanic Eruptions cause breathing problems and diseases.
    • Just leave for as long as you can.
    • When you come back, have some masks for the cleanup.
  • Wild Fires cannot be stopped easily.
    • Best to know how to leave and what to take.
    • You could soak some stuff down but it won’t do too much good against a large fire.

Less Likely to Occur, Regional to National, Large

Viral or Bacterial Pandemic

This has the ability to get bad quickly.  This is realistic because just a small change in a viral illness could cause a pandemic.

The following items contribute to the possibility of pandemics:

  • The short life span, quick reproducibility, and fast mutation of viruses
  • The lowered effectiveness of modern anti-biotics
  • Reduced immune system from the processed foods, chemical injections, and obesity.

It is good to keep in mind that you want to stay away from pandemics.  But if you cannot get away, some things are good to consider.

  • Humidity is an enemy to the spread of most illnesses
  • Positive HEPA filtered air in your home or “clean room”
  • Keeping Travel Down

When sick, you usually loose a weeks salary.  If something worse, you lose more productivity.

  • Looks like that savings may save you.

Economic Collapse or Food Shortage

The issue with Economic Collapse or Food Shortage is that they compound problems

In a Food Shortage, you would think you just need food.

In an Economic Collapse, you would think that you just need a good money supply and a lot of commodities.

Really these items beget other items.:

  • Riots
  • Mugging
  • Burglary
  • Food and Money Shortages
  • Illness and Pandemic

Not Likely to Occur, National to Global, Large

Nuclear Disasters

If you know before the plume gets to you, bug out immediately.  This isn’t likely, but it does happen historically.

Don’t live in or downwind of these locations.

Now you get into specialized gear to reduce your exposure.:

  • Flouride Tablets
  • Masks
  • Positive Pressure units on you home, like with a pandemic.

Problem with all of the stuff on this level of disaster is that many people jump into it too far.

Prepper gear is useless if you don’t have food, water, shelter, energy, security, and sanitation.

Chemical or Biological Warfare

I am not going to dive into this because we can follow a lot of the same things as in Nuclear Disasters

Just remember, this type of warfare is directed toward high population areas.  Stay out of those areas and their typical downwind locations.


This is possible and would have massive consequences.

Mathematically, this can happen and if it does, lots of stuff could happen.:

  • Everything could be covered in ash.
  • The Temperature could be cool or cold like winter, year round.

Some prepping for this should occur, but probably not much more than everything that I have already discussed.  There isn’t much more that can be done.

Unrealistic to Occur, Global, Massive, No Proper way to Prepare

Impact from Space or Solar Flares

This is a huge impact but not likely to happen.  I have discussed this before on a previous podcast episode.

  • Not likely that flares will cause chaos.
  • But if one does, it will be really bad.

There isn’t much I can do personally to prepare for a celestial impact.  The heat trace alone from it will be too much.

  • If anyone survived the impact, they probably wouldn’t survive the following years.
  • This killed dinosaurs, think it won’t do the same to you?
  • Our only chance is a collective effort to keep from being hit.

Sudden Polar Reversal

Sudden pole reversal is a mathematical possibility, and will happen eventually.  It is too big to worry about.

Black Hole

Sucked into a black hole?  No problem, just buy my Million dollar hardened shelter, because you are screwed either way.  Don’t pay this any attention.

Would I like to have a mile deep bunker?

Sure, for the neat factor alone, but I don’t want it over food, basic safety expenses, and shelter that I get from prepping on the smaller items.

Stop Freaking Out over Ridiculous Scenarios and Prepare for Likely Stuff

Choose the Mundane over the Insane when it comes to what you will prepare for.

  • An underground bunker will help you with a nuclear fallout, but not with a job-loss or mugging, which are more likely.
  • Having extra money and food on hand, and training with a firearm is going to generally be a beginning step in most disasters.

Apply common sense where applicable!!!

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