086: Fix Your Wallet, Your Health, and Your Prepping Through Food Log & Copy-Canning

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  • If you don’t know where to start in prepping, this is where I am getting the outline of my discussions here!
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  • You will find this seminar valuable whether you have a Sun Oven and want to learn more or you know nothing about solar cooking!
  • Paul also had a really awesome announcement in the webinar, that will not last much longer.
  • You don’t get to ask questions during the webinar, since it is a replay, but you can always email your questions.
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Fix Your Wallet, Your Health, and Your Prepping with a Food Log

food log

Gain Understanding and Resiliency through a Food Log

Use a Food Log to Fix Your Wallet.

A Food Log Can Fix Your Health.

A Food Log Will Kick You’re Prepping in Gear.

Many Preppers think that a bunch of rice and beans is the solution.

  • Your family and children should be more important than this.
  • They are already stressed, why change their diet on top of this?

Become a Budget Master with a Food Log

budget master

Keep up with the foods you eat and pay attention to costs.

  • By paying attention to costs, you can “shop around.”

Food Logging will tell you what you typically use.

  • Create a Grocery List and Stop Impulse Shopping.
  • When shopping you can keep up with costs.
  • When you know what you eat, and have extra, you can wait for good deals.

By Logging your Food Use, You can Super Charge Your Health

You will Figure out your Main Nutritional Inputs

  • Am I eating processed foods?
  • Am I eating pre-canned foods?
  • Do I shop for Raw Materials to make meals, or for premade meals?

When shopping at groceries, stick to the outside isles of the store.

  • Usually where produce, meats, and dairy is.
  • Watch out for bread section and bakery area.
  • Processed Foods are usually in the center isles.
  • When watching the costs of food, you can find which ones have cheap organic alternatives.

You can replace grocery store foods with Local Foods.

  • You can get your produce and dairy from natural and raw local farmers.
  • You can grow your own produce each season based on your food log.
  • Go to the local farms and see how they are planted… it is FUN for children.

It is time to Destroy that Food Resiliency Goal

Log Your Meals!

  • Use copy-canning to quick start your food storage
    • I will discuss more on this in a bit.
  • If you focus on Raw Produce, you can learn to can and preserve food yourself
    • This is an extremely valuable skill.

Learn an Extremely Easy Method for Logging Food Needs

Get a cheap notebook to log your usage

  • Get a 50 cent notebook and start logging what you consume
  • Keep this notebook where it is extremely easy to get to
    • Get a magnetic one to place on your fridge or
    • Set a basic one on the counter beside the fridge or stove
  • The most important thing in logging is that you actually keep doing it.
    • Make it as easy as possible for you, so you will want to do it.

When you use raw materials or canned goods, log the amount you use

  • Use real numbers for the quantity.
  • An example of this is: “2 cans of corn, 1 Onion, 10 Carrots, 3 eggs, 2 cups of flour”

When using small amounts of things like spices or creams, you can just log that you used them.

  • You can quantify the items if you want.
  • Quantity is not completely necessary since you use the items in small amounts.
  • These are not your main food intakes, they add to flavor or the method of cooking
  • An example of this is: “Basil, Oregano, Salt, Some sour cream”

When you make your grocery list, you can calculate your usage, and set up a list.

  • I absolutely love Excel or Google Spreadsheet for this.
  • I can show you how to set up tables that will calculate and organize everything.
  • This is a valuable skill and can make copy-canning extremely easy.
  • Until I create an online training for this technique, I can teach it to you during a survival consulting call.

What is this “Copy-Canning” of Which You Speak?

Copy-Canning is knowing what you eat and calculating what you have to buy to last a certain period of time.

Typically, copy canning is purchasing of extra pre-canned items while you shop.

  • If you like to garden and can, then you can replace the purchase of canned goods with your canning.
  • This may change your calculating a bit, but the scope of this is the beginner prepper.
  • I will focus on copy-canning with pre-canned food from a grocery store.
  • This is not meant to fix your diet, it is meant to make you resilient.
    • Like I said earlier, you can use this log to help your health if you want.

Start Copy-Canning for an Awesome Self-Reliance Plan

copy canning

This is actually step 7 in your basic prepping Journey, but I want to cover it here.

If you lose a job, get sick, or have an actual disaster…

  • Having a 6-month food storage could save your lives, or at least reduce stress.

After 1 Month of Logging your consumption, calculate your yearly food.

Make a 12 Month average of your usage.  You can actually begin this after a shorter period of time, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • If you use an item once a week, then you can figure that it is 52 items per year.
  • 1 item/week  x  52 weeks/year  =  52 items/year

What if the shelf life of that item is only 6 months?

  • You only stock up on 6 months of that item, so you will have 26 cans of green beans if you eat it once a week.

Store what you eat, and eat what you store.

  • Fancy way of saying, “rotate your food.”
  • As you purchase extra food, you place it in the back, and use items from the front.
  • People have designed systems store and dispense items.

If you complete this simple task you will now have some advantages.

  • You will actually have a couple of months’ worth of food.  Do you know why?
  • You are now at a point where you can save money, because you can wait on deals.

Next, Add Some cheap basics to get to 3 Months of Food

Add Fillers into your storage

  • They are cheap, last a long time, and will make your current food last a bit longer.
  • Grab items such as rice, beans, pastas, potatoes, and grains.
  • You DO NOT START HERE, because these are high carbohydrate fillers with little nutritional value.
  • Remember, canned foods use less energy and water input in preparation.

By adding this step, you can quickly give yourself more versatility and time on your base items.

Continue to log your usage, so you can keep up with changes in your diet.

Time to boost your prepping way up with freeze dried and dehydrated foods!

freeze dried and dehydrated foods

The benefit of freeze dried foods is that they take less heat and water input.

Get Higher Quality freeze dried foods to get non-perishable versions of perishable items.

  • Have items you couldn’t find in a can?
  • Did you just not trust it in a can?
  • Could you not can or cure that item yourself?

Freeze Dried Foods could be the answer.

  • They cover most things that you couldn’t get otherwise
  • With this last step, you could have a well stocked, resilient pantry.
  • Everyone could be actually ENJOYING their meals.

You now probably have a good 6 months of food ready for any disaster.

No matter what you are prepping for you should have a good solid plan for food preps to help you through tough times without stressing out about where your or your family’s next meal will come from.


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