085: Meeting With The Sun Ovens International President Paul Munsen and What Is He Involved In

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Who is Paul Munsen (President of Sun Ovens International) and What is He Involved In?

Paul M. Munsen is the president of Sun Ovens International, Inc. which is located in Elburn Illinois and is the leading manufacturer of High quality Solar Cooking Devices.
Sun Ovens (the brand) are made in the USA and the company is committed to helping people in the US prepare for emergencies and save energy while using a portion of the cash flow to work in deforested developing countries.
Paul has been involved in solar cooking projects and taught solar cooking on 5 continents and has been involved with both large and small scale projects supported by:
  • Rotary International
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • Overseas Private Investment Corp (OPIC)
  • UN High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)
  • South African Ministry of Minerals and Energy
  • British High Commission
  • World Bank
Paul has addressed the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development at the UN Headquarters in New York.
He is the past-President of the Illinois Society for International Development and a member of Solar Cookers International and the Illinois Solar Energy Association.
In full disclosure, Paul sent me the Sun Oven setup at no cost to me.  But I am always critical of products so I can give a good review.  You will notice that I had just a couple issues or suggestions with the oven, but it was a fantastic product.

Paul Munsen and Ken Jensen Discuss Sun Ovens, What to Learn from Developing Countries, and Why Sun Ovens are for Preppers

Paul has worked with Sun Ovens, and has traveled around the world.  Paul, What role does solar cooking play in developing nations?

What is unique about Sun Ovens International’s business model?

What can preppers in North America learn from people in third world countries?

What is a Sun Oven?

How long does the Sun Oven Last?

How can a Sun Oven be used for pasteurizing water?  How is this different or similar to boiling it?

What is your favorite thing to cook in a Sun Oven?

You and I both know that cooking a meal is generally more than just one item on your plate.

You can cook almost anything in a Sun Oven that you would put in an oven or crock pot.  Paul, do you have any recipes for the Sun Oven?

What sized Turkey will fit in the Sun Oven, and could you explain how you would cook it?

How do you know when food is done in the Sun Oven?

You probably know that I took photos of the Sun Oven being used in the snow, but how does outside temperature affect the oven’s ability to cook?

There are three main types of Solar Cookers (Panel Cookers, Box Solar Cookers, Parabolic).  Can you tell me the advantages and disadvantages of each?

types of sun oven


What is the Villager Sun Oven?

Why did you choose to market the Sun Oven to preppers?

Why have so many preppers bought a Sun Oven or added them to their wish list?

As you know, the Sun Oven is awesome when there is lots of sun on a clear day.  What about when it is partly cloudy or mostly cloudy?


Do you have anything available to cook with for the days that a solar oven isn’t possible?

Is there some way that we can set up a webinar about Solar Cooking?

Paul said that he would give you a discount.  This isn’t a 5% or other horrible discount.  Paul, would you tell us about the discount that you are offering for the Sun Oven?

Paul, I have been throwing around the idea of a membership site with select preparedness items and vendors along with training. Would you be willing to contribute a discount or addition to this site, to be available to members?


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