084: Making Lists in Prepping and Determining Our Survival Needs

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July 6, 2015
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Making Lists to Direct Yourself in Prepping and Determining Our Needs

Before you spend money in prepping, we are doing our due diligence to get everything in order.

Why do I need to make a bunch of lists when I could be prepping?

It is more important that you think about your needs before you work on prepping.

I explained how important lists are.

Lists are our roadmap for prepping.

This is a large topic and I think it could take several episodes.

What Lists Should We Make To Guide Our Preparedness Journey?

Emergency Preparedness checklist

List of Needs

Food Log

Water Resource List

Disaster List

Every Day Carry List

Emergency Action Plan

Bug Out List

Medical First Aid and Minor Surgery

Everyday carry bag

What Are Our Needs In Survival

What are the basic needs In Wilderness Survival






Using the wilderness needs, what are the basic needs in prepping?







How to ensure you have your water needs met?

Wilderness Water needs

Spend more time and energy with filtration than the water.

Modern Water Needs

Spend time with water storage and sources

Then add a filtration so you can harvest safe water

Your food needs can be easily met if you think about it

In wilderness food needs

We focus on hunting, trapping and foraging

In Modern Food Needs

We focus on growing, storing, and raising food

Use your brain, and you will have plenty of warmth and lighting

Wilderness Lighting and Energy

We spend our time focusing on what we can pack for fire and lighting

Lighters, Matches, Rods and other items for fires.

We also look at things we can keep and find as dry tender

Fuzz sticks, Cedar Bark, charcloth, moss, etc.

Headlamps and flashlights to see where we are going

Modern Survival Energy Requirements

We spend our time considering how to keep energy resilient

Heat, Lighting, Cooling, Cooking

We consider alternates and backups such as:

Cooking Appliances (gas, grills, campstoves, wood stovesP

Lighting Equipment (Flashlights, Headlamps, Candles, Fuel Lamps, LED Lights)

Heating and Cooling (Air flow, heat and cool the person, reduce energy consumption, alternative heating methods)

Alternative Power (Generators, Battery Banks, Gas supplies, stored energies like propane, nat gas and gasoline)

Have a wonderful castle, in the woods, desert, or subburbs!

Wilderness Shelters

We take time learning how to build different shelters

(a-frames, debris shelters, snow shelter, desert shelters, and even elevated shelters)

For a great shelter, carry some basic supplies

(cordage, like paracord; tools for cutting, notching, and carving limbs)

If you have a walking stick, it can be used for support on a structure.

Wilderness Shelter


Security and Safety is in your own hands

Wilderness Safety

We look into the tools we can use for hunting, building, and protection against predators

(Spears, Knives, Hatchets, Shovels, Clubs, Firearms)

Modern Security and Safety

We focus more on our security measures and safety.

(Security Systems, firearms, knives, technique, legality of weaponry, non-lethal weapons)

wilderness survival knife    wilderness survival tools


Health and Sanitation is not to be left out

Wilderness Health and Sanitation

Wilderness Health is easy.

Keep a good first aid kit.

Dig a hole to use the bathroom.

Modern Health and Sanitation

More Difficult.

Don’t waste water.

Consider ways to use the water

Consider ways to use less water like a bucket with blue stuff

More extensive health care needs so we have more extensive first aid and surgery supplies


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