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June 15, 2015
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Dry-Fire Firearm Training
June 22, 2015


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News in 2 Minutes with J. Bradbury of PreparePDX.com


Getting Started in Prepping P1: An introduction to the basic steps of preparing

Why should we prepare ourselves

Why should we prepare ourselves?

One word: DISASTERS.

Natural Disasters

Storms, Tornados, Hurricanes floods, Fires

Human Disasters

Fights, Mugging, Burglarly, War, Nuclear

Your personal The End of the World as We Know It (TEOTWAWKI)

Job Loss, Family Death, EMPs, Nuclear Attack, Economic distress, Viral Outbreaks, Volcanic Eruption, Celestial Impact

Prepping doesn’t have to be expensive.  The most important steps are free!

You will notice as we go through many of these steps in the beginning stages of prepping, you don’t have to spend money.  You just have to use your brain a lot and spend TIME to do so.

Follow these Simple Steps, and You Will Be Solid in Your Prepping Journey?

Step 1: Join a Community

Join Community

You can learn from others, or teach others

Try out a Survival Forum.  You can join Top Survival Forum.

Step 2: Make List and Lists of Lists.  When you think you are finished, make more lists.


All of the steps are important but this is most.

List are your roadmaps.

Stop and assess the situation.

Lists Such As:

  1.       Survival Needs (Your basic needs)
  2.       Food Log (watch what you eat)
  3.       Water Resources (What is available, what COULD be available)
  4.       Disaster Lists
  5.       Every Day Carry List (EDC List)
  6.       Lights Out Kit List, Black Out Kit List, or Storm Kit List
  7.       Emergency Action Plan (Steps you will take in an emergency)
  8.       Bug out List (early BOB list and BOL list)
  9.       Medical First Aid and Minor Surgery List (you can piece this together from home)
  10.    I have a free training for first aid kits that I will discuss when I get to this

Step 3: Find all of your Camping Gear and Reorganize

Camping gear is awesome for early survival gear.  You will at least get through a week with it.

Step 4: Make a Basic Black Out Kit, Lights Out Kit, or Storm Bag

Purchase and collect stuff around your house to help during a black out.  Short Term items.

Step 5: Determine the contents of your bug out bag


Determine the contents of bug out bag


This is organizing what you have, not purchasing anything.  You wont have everything, but you will have some items.

Step 6: Determine your Bug Out Location


bug out location


This is where you take action on the list you created.  You will figure out where you can go and work on an agreement with others to allow this.

Step 7: Work on your Lists you have Created

This is where money will start flowing.  Remember to stick to a budget so you don’t go broke.  Learn skills for the different survival needs as well.

Step 8: Learn How to Research

Learn the best places to get information.  Know what is important.  Understand that EVERYONE is biased in their opinions and have an agenda.

Locals, Forums, Websites (Especially mine) are great for getting information.  I have a search bar on my website where you can type almost anything and get answers.  Most do.


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