080: Emergency Evacuation, Evacuation Procedures and Disaster Emergency Action Plan

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  1. I am in North Carolina right now, so you get a throwback episode.
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Disaster Emergency Action Plan

Which Path Will You Choose To Take?

  • This entire episode was just a tiny bit of my one year preparedness system.
    • How To Be A Prepper: One Year Emergency Preparedness System
  • When there is a disaster you will have to decide:
    • to bug-in for security
    • or to bug-out to get away from danger
    • We must prepare for both bugging in and out
      • discussing the latter
  • You will bug in when:
    • disaster requires you to stay home (such as a food shortage or sickness)
    • or at home the disaster will do you no harm (loss of job)
  • You will bug out when:
    • You have a disaster that is immediately hazardous to life and health (forest fire spreading, nuclear disaster that hasn’t made it to you yet)
    • A disaster is regional and you have an evacuation location out of the region (such as a storm that has destroyed the area)
  • When stress is high, will you know what to do, what to grab, or the best way to get to your BOL?
    • we use emergency action plans
  • what is an emergency action plan?
    • A document with important information and documentation to help you and others to follow well thought out steps to ensure success when executing a bug-out plan.
  • Why should you have an Emergency Action Plan or Emergency Evacuation Procedure?
    • Family members stressed can follow the easy written steps
      • stress clouds the mind
    • keep your spouse on track and clear their head
    • help you with your own memory
    • Irresponsible children may surprise you in a bad situation if they have a good plan
    • they will help you figure out what you are weakest at, and where attention is due
  • What should be in an Emergency Action Plan or Emergency Evacuation Procedure?
    • List of likely disasters
      • Jobloss
      • House fire or damage
      • Tornados
      • Hurricanes
      • Snow and Ice Storms
      • Earthquakes
      • Floods
      • Volcanic Eruption
      • Meteor Impact
      • Economic Collapse or Viral Outbreak
        • What is most likely?
        • Where will it come from?
        • Will you stay home or evacuate?
        • Rank them and work on most likely first
    • List of important contacts
      • Family
        • Immediate, Extended
      • Professional Contacts
        • Banker, Brokers, Investment Firms, Employers
      • Emergency Services
        • Police, Fire Dept
      • Each Contact should include:
        • Phone numbers, addresses, social media info, email addresses
    • The roles for each family member
      • Father- Keep everyone together, security
      • Mother- Packing list, important docs, call family members
      • Teenagers- grab their own bag and important items
        • gather pet supplies, social media updates if needed
      • Small Children- Grab their bags and toys, grab pets
      • The roles you give each person depends on your own comfort level
    • Financial Information
      • Bank Accounts
        • Acc Number, routing number, type of account
      • Loan Information
        • account mgr contact, type of account
      • Invesment Accounts
        • Firm, Contact at the firm, broker contact
      • Insurance Accounts
        • account mgr contact, account number
      • Property Titles
        • Home, auto, boats
      • Copy of your car registrations
      • All Financial contacts should have
        • Phone, Address, Email
    • Copy of your favorite survival books
    • Plan for your Pets
      • Their own bags
      • Food: Cheap dried dogfood
      • Where in vehicles, which vehicles will they ride
      • will you have to take them anywhere?
    • Evacuation Routes
      • As easy as 3-3-3
        • 3 destinations
        • 3 Routes for each destination
        • 3 Rally points or rest stops for each route
      • Will everyone know what rest stop b on route 3 is?
      • What if you arent at home, others need to be able to look in EAP and determine what to do or where to go
    • Code phrases for danger
    • Packing Lists
      • IHLH (Immediate Hazard to Life or Health)
        • BOBs
        • Premade Bags
        • Important Documentation
        • Anything quick and easy to grab that will do the most good
      • An Hour or Two
        • Add items to your list based on your needs
      • A day to pack
        • Based on needs again
    • Fireproof Safe
      • central place to grab important docs in a hurry
      • safe place for your documents as well
      • Keep things like
        • detailed financial map or information
        • IDs
        • other important documentation
      • Keep your most important and most detailed Disaster Plan in the safe
  • How many copies of your Emergency Disaster Action Plan or Emergency Evacuation Procedure should you have?

emergency response plans

  • Several physical copies
    • Each Vehicle
    • Each bugout bag
    • A copy in your home for each family member
    • Your most detailed and important copy in a fireproof/waterproof safe
    • Copy to your most trusted family members (not living with you)
      • they may not listen to you until it is too late
      • this can be your contribution to help them
      • they will now be able to contact you and meet up with you for help
  • Many digital copies
    • One on every single computer in the home, including laptops
    • One on each smartphone or tablet
      • portable, low energy consumption, easy to keep charged
    • Email it to yourself using web-based email so it is stored online
    • You could keep a copy “on the cloud”
    • purchase drive space from a long term storage host, like Amazon Glacier
      • a penny per GB per month
      • slow and free to pull a GB
      • 12 cents per GB up to 10 TB (120 dollars for a TB, or 1000 GB)
  • Remember that this entire episode was just a tiny bit of my one year preparedness system.
    • I have my How To Be A Prepper: One Year Emergency Preparedness System finished and ready to sell, but it has taken me a little while to set up the best online store or ecommerce for it.

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