074: An Interview With Massad Ayoob about Criminal and Civil Defense

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News in Two Minutes Segment

By J.Bradbury of PreparePDX.com

Massad Ayoob Interview about Criminal and Civil Defense after You Defend Yourself

If you would like to be interviewed, you can go to theprepperpodcast.com/guests

Some of Massad Ayoob’s History:

  • Multiple Book Author and Author since 1971
  • Instructor since 1972
  • Expert Whitness since 1978
  • Handgun Editor for Gun’s Magazine 1970s
  • Law Enforcement Editor for American Handgunner 1970s
  • Writer for Combat Handgun’s Magazine
  • Writer for Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement

Criminal and Civil Defense

What happens in the Criminal and Civil Justice System after someone prevails in a defense scenario?

Massad discusses the basics of the criminal and civil systems and what is required for you to be prosecuted in each.

What are the most Common Mistakes People Make?

We discuss mistakes made by people that do ALMOST everything correctly and how they could have done differently.

How you can end up defending yourself in court, even when NO SHOTS were fired?

It is a race to the phone.  The first one to call the police wins.  We discuss why you should call the police, even when the threat retreats.

When should you call the police in a defense scenario?

Anytime your gun comes out.

If you call 911, what information should you include in your call so you give info needed, but not incriminate yourself?

when to call police

  • Location and Repeat
  • What happened.  What the assailant did that caused you to pull the gun.

What are the 5 steps of what to say to the police on the crime scene?

Taling to a police

  • Explain what happened.
  • Willing to fill out a form and sign a complaint.
  • Point out evidence.
  • Point out witnesses.
  • Tell the Officer that you will cooperate further when your attorney arrives.

What should you do if you are required to be put in a cell?

Request isolation so you can stay away from others.  If you cannot be isolated, try to stay to yourself.

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