070: Interview with Dale Goodwin and Introduction To The Wonders of Backup Power

NRA EXPO 2015 Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Nashville TN Music City Center
I will be at the 2015 NRA Expo Happening in Nashville, TN in a Couple Weeks
March 30, 2015
Military Tactical Maneuvers: Overwatch and Bounding Overwatch
April 6, 2015
Food and Water


1. NRA Expo at the Music City Center in Downtown Nashville

a. April 10-12th

b. NRA Members get in free (and only NRA)

c. www.nraam.org

d. Planning to have a gathering Saturday, Apr 11th @ 7pm

i. Location Maggiannos Little Italy of Nashville

  1. limited space is available

ii. go to cleversurvivalist.com for more information

2. Today is someone interviewing me, and if you would like to interview me on your podcast, just go to theprepperpodcast.com/media

3. I have updated my web

How to Prepare for Grid Down Scenarios

Short Term (storms, hurricanes, tornados, etc), build a basic storm bag



Headlamps are very useful during power outage and allow hands free use.

  • Headlamps
  • Cheap LED flashlights (using AAA or AA batteries)
  • Keep lights in every drawer



  • 400W and 800W inverter
    • Run electric blankets and small personal fan
    • Natural Gas or propane heating
  • Fireplace or Woodstove


Storm Shelter

Moore, Okla., May 24, 2013–Beatrice Samaniego and Emily Fleetwood recount what it was like to be in the family storm shelter with two other people and four dogs during the tornado. They all survived the F5 tornado that struck Moore on May 20.

  • Storm Shelter
  • Safe Rooms
  • Bugging out

Bugging out


  • For short term, just a couple packs of granola bars or meal bars
  • Couple bottles of water in your bag

Food and Water

Long Term (CME, EMP, Large Scale Disaster)


  • Quick, cheap storage is to use 2-liter soda bottles, or juice bottles
  • Create water catchment and storage
    • Roof catchment
    • 50 gallon barrels
    • 250 gallon IBC totes
    • Ponds, rivers, streams
    • Wells
      • Get mechanical well pumps
  • Filter your water
    • Gravity fed
      • Berkey Filter
      • DIY use 5 gallon buckets and berkey filters
    • Sawyer Mini system for each family member


  • Cooking Food
  • Food you don’t need to cook, or require less cooking
    • Canned Foods
    • Gardening
      • Learn storage methods
    • Dehydrated foods
    • Freeze-dried foods
  • Non-electric appliances
    • Meat grinders
    • Blenders
    • Can-openers

Climate (Heating and Cooling)

  • Heating
  • Cooling


  • Garden solar lights
  • Candles
  • Kerosene Lamps
  • Flashlights and Batteries
    • Handcrank or shake
  • Camping Lanterns
    • Handcrank or shake
  • Matches and lighters
    • Waterproof matches


  • Leave this to you guys, since you seem to hit on this a lot
  • Have a basic first aid kit, preferably a more extensive kit
  • Prescription medication

Backup Power

  • Battery Banks
  • Generators
  • Solar
    • Voltaic
    • Thermal (most efficient)
    • light
  • Wind
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal
  • Biomass/Biogas/Wood/Methane
    • Rocket stove
    • Wood stove
    • Wood gas
  • Transportation
    • Bicycle

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