061:Timberland Earthkeepers Boots, Food Storage and Paracord Advantages and Uses

060: Deciding Your Next Move and Setting Your S.M.A.R.T. Survival Goal
January 9, 2015
Prepper Gadgets and Products
062: Awesome Prepper Gadgets and Products
January 24, 2015

Today we discuss paracord, the benefits of paracord, the millions of uses of paracord, a few dumb uses of it, and ways to carry it. Before the main topic, I have a product review of Timberland Earthkeepers Boots and A call-in question about different methods of food storage.


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News in Two Minutes Segment

  1. venezuelans store
    1. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2015-01-09/venezuelans-throng-grocery-stores-on-military-protection-order.html?utm_source=Fortress+Management+Group+News&utm_campaign=8addb09ace-Military+Protection+of+Grocery+Stores%21%21&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_93fe75416c-8addb09ace-95891353
  2. Red Cross Fire
    1. http://www.redcross.org/news/press-release/Red-Cross-Campaign-to-Reduce-Home-Fire-Deaths-and-Injuries-in-US
  3. From the CleverSurvivalist.com Facebook page:
    1. https://potentnews.com/2014/12/19/pre-crime-software-can-tell-police-who-will-commit-a-crime-based-in-part-on-social-media-posts/

Product Review

Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers 6” Lace-Up Boot

I own the “burnished brown” color.
Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers Boot

Seller’s Information


When a leather boot looks this good, it’s hard to resist. Our flagship Earthkeepers® men’s boots are back and better than ever this season, made with recycled/sustainably sourced materials. We haven’t sacrificed quality or rugged good looks to make these boots eco-conscious, either – their classic style and durable performance will speak for itself over seasons of wear.


● Premium full-grain leather from a tannery rated Silver by the Leather Working Group for its improved water, energy and waste management practices

● 100% recycled PET lining made from recycled plastic bottles is comfortable, breathable and eco-conscious

● 100% organic cotton laces

● Removable anti-fatigue footbed provides all-day comfort and support

● Durable Green RubberTM lug outsole made from 42% recycled rubber provides durability and maximum traction on any surface

● Imported

● Water resistant

My Take:

Caution: my experience was not the same as some other reviews. I noticed in the reviews that the soles and tongues come apart due to inferior glue.

● Putting them on first:

● Didn’t look aggressive enough for what I would put them through

● Tread was a basic work boot tread (cross pattern)

● They are very comfortable and lightweight right out of the box

● To the point that I decided to try them hiking.

● You may get a little fatigued in them with the extra room

● LOOK AWESOME. Easy to dress up or down

● If you don’t PLAN to bug out today and want these as everyday wear, They will probably do well in an emergency.Final Thought:If you want a dressy, comfortable, everyday pair of boots, that dress up or down, and although not intended for it, could be used while trekking in an emergency… these are some awesome boots.

Call-In Question

Method of Food storage
If you would like to call in with your questions or feedback 978-KNOWS-IT (978) 566-9748
Question from Randall of Florida (Who has called in before)


● Pros and Cons of Different Styles of Preserving Meats.

● Canning Meats Sounds Crazy… Is it?Answer:

● Check out my blog: Types of Cured Meat, Preserving Meat with Salt or Brine Cure

● Canning

          ○ Adv.

                    ■ Cheap

                    ■ Eat without water or heat

                    ■ Great for stew meats!

          ○ Dis.

                    ■ Loss of nutrients

                    ■ Takes time

● Dehydrating

           ○ Adv.

                    ■ Less nutrient loss than canning

                    ■ Eat without water or heat

                    ■ Portable food

           ○ Dis.

                    ■ To cook you need water and heat added

                    ■ You can lose some taste

● Freezing

           ○ Adv.

                   ■ Easy

                   ■ No flavor loss

           ○ Dis.

                   ■ Energy consumption

                   ■ Power loss

                   ■ Freezers never have enough space

● Fermenting

           ○ Adv.

                  ■ Raises nutritional value

           ○ Dis.

                  ■ Flavor is acquired

● Freeze Dried

          ○ Adv.

                 ■ Tastes great

                 ■ Keeps nutrients

         ○ Dis.

                 ■ Difficult process

                 ■ expensive

● Curing (country and dry)

         ○ Adv.

                 ■ Preserves large quantity of meat for a long time

                 ■ Great flavor

         ○ Dis.

                 ■ Takes some effort

                 ■ Must be done in cool weather, generally 40F and lower

                 ■ Takes a long time and is very picky of conditions

                 ■ Insects

● Biltong

         ○ Mix between curing, dehydrating, and fermenting

         ○ Adv.

                 ■ Keeps nutrients

                 ■ Great flavor
         ○ Dis.
                 ■ Don’t do it wrong
                 ■ Added sodium


Topic: Paracord Advantages, Paracord Uses, Packing Paracord

● I have mentioned that I love paracord
● I make belts, bracelets and more.

● Love all the things you can do with paracord

Benefits of Paracord

1.  Paracord is Strong

a. 1/8 inch diameter has 550lb capacity… at my shop it has 850 lb capacity

2. Paracord has great durability

a. Very little wear to cordage from many uses

3. Paracord is lightweight

a. Great for backpacking
b. Mil-spec states that 225 ft paracord must be less than 1lb.

4. Water and Mildew resistant

a. Synthetic nylon material5. You can remove the inner strands for more uses

Uses of Paracord

1. Braid it for more strength

2. Support tents or shelters

3. Clothes line

4. Tow line

5. Tarp, tent, or shelter tie-down

6. Fasten gear to backpack

7. Boot/shoe lace

8. Fire bow drill string

9. Wrap around things (like makeshift knives) that need handles

10. Inner Strands can be used for:

1. Sewing torn clothing
2. Fishing line
3. Fish Stringer to hold your catch of the day
4. Trapping and snares for passive small-game hunting
5. Dental floss
11. Emergency sutures after it is boiled for sanitation
12. Guy wire for poles
13. Paracord Belt
14. Hair tie for the ladies in the heat
15. Tie off a hammock, or even weave one (uncomfortable one though)
16. Headband for dew rag for neck shade.
17. Leash other members in group so you don’t get separated
18. Weave a net
19. Pulley system to lift heavy objects, like large game.
20. Rappelling in extreme emergencies. 550 breaks at 550 tensile stress in ideal conditions, practical applications are lower. Don’t risk it if you don’t have to.
21. Tie two ends down creating handles for carrying big or awkward objects.
22. Makeshift Gun Sling
23. Make a Rope Ladder
24. Tie down items during high winds like the recent Oklahoma tornados
25. Fashion a Sling for injured arm
26. Old-style slingshot, the type you twirl, not the elastic kind.
27. Weave in a u-shaped branch for snowshoes
28. Lash a tarp to branches to make a stretcher.
29. Secure a Splint for broken bones
30. Fasten things to your belt or loops
31. Neck lanyard for your compass or other items
32. Tourniquet
33. Travois for hauling supplies
34. Tripwire for traps or for alarm systems (when used with cans)
35. Water filter, although I have no experience in this.
36. Zipper pull
37. Secure your boat or raft
38. Hang stuff up off the ground to keep animals away
39. Replacement for drawstrings, such as on your hiking pack
40. Tie rolled up items (like tents and sleeping bags)
41. Marking a Trail (brightly colored paracord tied to branches)
42. Lashing weapons together, such as a makeshift arrow to a wooden spear
43. The fibers burn easily. Use a knife to shed the fibers from the rope.
44. As a signal. Brightly colored shirt or something tied to the paracord, then twirled in the air, kinda like using an old slingshot.
45. Makeshift backpack: Wrap materials with tarp, lash tarp to A-Frame made from sticks, tie shoulder straps to the a-frame.
46. Rope to hang water over a fire for boiling.
47. Tether your knife, or similar items to your wrist, so it isn’t lost.
48. Making a primitive Gig (4 pronged spear)
49. Gear sling
50. Tying pack off in an elevated location to a tree for ease of reaching
51. If you are good enough to use it, make a bola (rocks and paracord)

52. Firewood Bundles

Other Random Uses of Paracord:

1. Tie glasses to your head

2. Handcuffs for the bad guys

3. Tying up bad guys and zombies

4. Layout your square foot garden grid with paracord

5. Neckerchief Slide… for a boy scout style neckerchief.

6. Tie veggies (like tomatoes) to stakes

7. Fasten together a tripod (something I have done for a video of mine) from 3 sticks

8. Suspenders to hold up pants

9. Tie down to a vehicle roof rack

10. Cinchstrap in place of metal hose clamps

11. Keeping you attached to your parachute! PARAchute CORDage

Carrying Paracord Easily:

1. It is useful, but if we have a bunch, don’t make carrying it difficult.

   a. I want it to be less cumbersome to carry

   b. I also want it to be in a way you will not even think about it on a DAILY BASIS2. Not making it an every-day carry is only a problem the day that you get caught without it

Ways to Carry Paracord or Make it Easier to Carry:

1. Bracelet

2. Necklace

3. Paracord Belt

4. Watch bands

5. Dog collar

6. Dog leash

7. Key fab

8. Shoe or Boot Laces

9. Or just keep a big bundle of rope in your pack

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