056: Habit River Shirt, Setting Up an Old Bicycle To Charge Batteries and Aluminum Foil Usage

Habit River Shirt – Stay Cool with This High Quality Outdoor Shirt
December 1, 2014
How To Build A Snare Trap: Squirrel Pole
December 8, 2014
aluminum foil

Survival Tips: Many Ways to Use Aluminum or Tin Foils

This is about product review (Habit River Shirt), A question about setting up an old bicycle to charge batteries, and a main topic about the millions of uses of aluminum foil.

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News in 2 Minutes by JBradbury (PreparePDX.com)

Product Review:

Habit River Shirt Habit River Shirt

Habit River Shirt


The Habit River Shirt features a lightweight fabric with UPF 30+ UV Protection, vented back and fly rod holder.


  • Lightweight textured fabric
  • Vented back with mesh lining
  • UPF 30+ UV protection
  • Fly rod holder
  • Sizes available: M, L, XL, 2X

We recently purchased SamsClub because it felt like a very cool, thin shirt for outdoor activities.  It had a mesh liner inside the shirt to provide some breathability.

When I received the Habit River Shirts:

I thought the orange color shirt was very nice looking

The brown  was ok also

The material for the shirts

Thought it would be breathable.  So, I put it on…


After putting it on

extremely lightweight

do well hiking?

Had Sunglass Loop, which was nice

Rod holder around pocket, not around waste.

Sleeves tight when rolled up

Seemed Pretty Comfortable


I decided to go hiking in this shirt

along with some 5-11 Tactical Pants

30 lb toddler strapped to my back

Sunny day and around 80-85 degrees F, I had this shirt untucked, a toddler on my back, hiking boots, and 5-11s.

It seemed light enough, but by the time I was done with the hike, I was sweating a great deal.


Final Thought

I think this shirt should stay in the camping and fishing community.

It feels like a sauna during strenuous exercises… but it looks nice.

Topic of Discussion:

Community Member Question

Randall from Florida

  • Question:
    • Need help with electrical side of things.  Alternator on windmill or bicycle (and have kids pedal).  6-cylinder vehicle as running alternator.
  • Answer:
    • Let’s keep things in the terms of voltage first.
      • Most consumer inverters run on 12 volt battery banks, so we want to ensure our battery bank is charged at around 12 volts (actually 13.8 or so)
      • If you are setting up solar panels on your battery bank you will use a solar charger to match voltages, since many panels will be at 24V.
      • If you will be setting up an alternator, a charger is not needed, however is extremely useful as a means to separate multiple charging circuits. (tangent back to golf cart: explain how solar chargers could be used to segregate the battery pairs)
        • (use example how to use solar and alternator to charge a bank in a vehicle)
    • A 6 cylinder is very inefficient for an alternator and is not worth the fuel used as a dedicated supply, but it can be tied to multiple alternators, supplying power to multiple circuits.
      • It would be cheaper to purchase a generator than all the parts necessary to efficiently use the 6-cyl.
      • It IS still a valid option assuming the engine and alternator are free and running.  But it is no more valid than using your own vehicle to do the same thing.
    • Wiring an inverter to a vehicle is easy.
      • Pos on inverter to Pos on battery, neg on inverter to neg on battery
    • You CAN use a bicycle to run an alternator, as well as 2 and 4 cycle engines
      • It just has to make it spin.
      • One bit of info you are missing at this point is the fact that alternators require a voltage applied to run.
      • What this means is that you simply have to have a switch on your battery bank to provide starting current.
      • Then alt will provide own power assuming it in a newer unit (automatically switches over), field switch is mainly to keep from draining batteries.

aluminum foil



Aluminum Foil


aluminum foil


  1. Aluminum Foil and Tin Foil Act as a great heat reflector
    1. Place behind radiator heater
      1. will act as a heat reflector
      2. raising efficiency while paying very little
    2. This also works with
      1. Campfire
      2. Woodstove
      3. Any other radiant heat generator
  2. Aluminum Foil or Tin Foil acts as a pest deterrent
    1. small pieces in mulch
      1. will keep many bugs away
    2. Wrapping your small trees in late fall
      1. will keep away mice and other pests that feed on young tree bark during winter
      2. Take it off before the spring growth though
      3. This is great for your food systems that you are creating.
  3. Aluminum foil can be used to sanitize water
    1. reflector for killing bacteria in your pet or pete bottles of water
  4. Aluminum foil can give your plants more sunlight
    1. reflector to give some plants more sunlight from another direction
    2. useful in windows
  5. Aluminum foil or tin foil can be used for cleaning grills
    1. Lacking grill brush
    2. Clean grill surfaces with a bunched up piece of foil
  6. Aluminum can be shaped into containers for camping
    1. Pan, pot, cup, bowl, lid, or plate
  7. Aluminum foil can act as an insulator
    1. below your sleeping bag to keep moisture away
      1. keeping your sleeping bag dry, therefor warm.
  8. If you have a fishhook, but no lures, you could try aluminum foil wrapped around the hook.
    1. Frill and fan it out so it will wiggle and move when you reel it in.
    2. The sparkles add an advantage to get the fish’s attention.
  9. Aluminum foil may be used for water catchment
    1. Drain into a container
    2. Larger surface area means more water caught.
  10. Aluminum foil can be used to keep things dry,
    1. wrapping tinder in many layers of foil.  Keeping tinder dry is very important
    2. wrapping kitchen matches in aluminum foil
      1. I recommend using waterproof matches
  11. You wrap food in the aluminum foil to be cooked over a fire
    1. I actually prefer this over any other method when it comes to fish.
  12. Aluminum foil can hold your boot print for tracking purposes
    1. Before you leave
      1. tell others where you will be
      2. Step on a piece and leave it with the person
      3. also leave a track on foil in your vehicle before venturing out.
  13. Use aluminum or tin foil for marking your path
      1. Aluminum foil squares and colorful zipties
      2. Leave these about eye level
      3. Becomes flashlight reflectors
  14. Aluminum foil can be used for fires
    1. It can be used as a base (basically a plate) for starting a fire using the cotton ball and petroleum jelly method.
    2. When the jelly burns and melts it will stay and burn much longer if you have it on foil
      1. Otherwise it will flow into soil and go out
  15. Aluminum Foil can be used as a crude signaling mirror if you don’t have one.
  16. Aluminum is great for charring cloth
    1. You can wrap cotton in foil to heat it up into char cloth which is a great fire starter.
  1.    You can make a funnel out of aluminum foil to fill bottles.
  2.   Foil can be used as a wind block
  3.       It can be used to block wind for an alcohol or burner stove when camping
  4.      Can do the same for a small fire.
  5.    Aluminum Foil Can be used to reflect the sun AWAY from you when needed in a hot environment.
  6.   Adding aluminum foil to the inside of a window will reflect heat away from a house during the summer
  7.    Aluminum Foil can be placed under brush to waterproof a roof.
  8.       Like metal shingle strips
  9.   Aluminum Foil can be used as a part in a water still.
  10.   You can catch solar energy for heating up containers.
  11.       Reflection
  12.      Black container
  13.   Line wallet with it
  14.       Only thick tin foil worked when tested, but it DID work.
  15.   Aluminum Foil can be used on open pneumothorax to prevent tension pneumothorax
  16.   TIN FOIL HAT
  17.       We are preppers after all

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