052: Batteries, Medical Advice, Personal Advice and Electrical Q and A

Covert Fishing with Poisons and Stakeout
November 3, 2014
TRU-SPEC Men's Lightweight 24-7 Tactical Pants Review
TRU-SPEC Men’s Lightweight 24-7 Tactical Pants Review
November 11, 2014

Everything from batteries to medical advice to some even more personal advice and LOTS of electrical questions.

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JBradbury may be coming back as our news correspondent.

I have been asked for product reviews… so here is my first one!


Product Review: Tru-Spec Lightweight Pants


Mens lightweight Pantstru-spec lightweight pantsTru-Spec Men's Lightweight pantsTru-Spec Pants

TRU-SPEC Men’s Lightweight 24-7 Pant

  • Bought two pair to try
    • Charcoal and Coyote
  • The material is 65% poly and 35% cotton
  • First thing I noticed was the feel of the fabric.  It was thin but seemed extremely strong.
  • When I put them on
    • 2 buttons
    • Legs were too long, but hemming is an option
    • The comfort fit slider waistband
      • No elastic or side tabs
  • Wearing the pants
    • I could feel the strength of the reinforced knee
    • I kept finding pockets!
    • Comfortable in almost all weather
    • When worn with a golf-polo, and charcoal tru-spec, I looked like law inforcement.
      • Tried them with a dinner jacket, but it didn’t work.  Black probably needed for this
      • Besides a jacket, the charcoal could be dressed up quite a bit
    • The coyote was exactly the same, but looked like a brown Carhart work pant.
    • As I was traveling for about an hour, I placed a couple drops of water on the pant
      • Two smaller drops took about 30 minutes to get into the pant
      • The larger drop took almost an hour
  • I bought a pair of 5-11s for the trip as well for comparison, but I like these pants much more.

Brian from Grand Rapids

  • Question:
    • What level of medical training do I need?  Currently first aid with aed and cpr.  Considering emt basic.  Good idea? Overkill?
  • Answers:
    • The more medical training you have, the better…
    • I just finished a few medical training seminars that you can download theprepperpodcast.com/firstaid
    • first aid is great,
      • when you add cpr you add the ability to save lives
      • when you add aed, you dramatically raise your chances for saving lives.  This only works if an aed is available.
    • EMT-B in true practice is extremely dangerous.
      • Items that you may deal with:
        • Odd scene scenarios such as electrical failures (svc or power lines), gas explosions, exposure to hazardous chemicals
      • Things you may be responsible for:
      • Following the Law:
        • Half of the job is what regulations or agencies you must follow or be within bounds of
        • You will eventually be in a legal analysis of your duties
        • You could possibly be in a law-suit
        • You are required to follow laws on the deceased and protect evidence at the scene
        • You will probably be required to create a safe traffic environment (flares, debris, redirection)
      • Some medical things you will cover:
        • Hemorrhages
        • Shock or hypo perfusion
        • Bandaging wounds
        • Immobilization of extremities, neck, and spine (even swollen or deformed)
        • Emergency childbirth
      • Emergency Care for:
        • Respiratory
        • Cardiac
        • Diabetic
        • Allergic reactions
        • Seizures
        • Poisonings
        • Environmental emergencies (toxic or noxious spills)
        • Psychological crises (explain rescuing a drowning person)

Shawn from Massachusetts

  • Question: What would I have done differently?  Maybe I should have started with this first instead of all this other stuff…
  • Answer:
    • Understand that I have researched the most effective ways to quickly raise survival.  I have added all of that research to my “How to be a prepper: One year preparedness system”
    • Very First thing: plant a big garden
    • Next thing: learn to can vegetables
    • Then: get rid of debt
    • What I would have done differently:
      • At first I was all over the map, trying to do everything.
      • I would have slowed down.
      • I would have planted fruit trees in almost ANY situation, besides apartments.  Never know how long you will be there, and what is a couple hundred bucks for fruit trees that will produce in just a year or two.  You never know how long you will be in your current situation.
      • If I wasn’t already tied to a location, I would attempt to decide on a plot of land OUTSIDE of city laws and limits, OUTSIDE of any HOA, where you can do what you need to, to be productive


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