051 Throwback To 023: Best Non-Lethal Weapons For Men, Women, and Home Defense

School Safety and Emergency Plan For Emergency Situation
October 27, 2014
Covert Fishing with Poisons and Stakeout
November 3, 2014
Non-Lethal Weapon For Women

Non-Lethal Weapon For Women

The Safety of The People Shall Be The Highest Law

~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

Vacation is over:

This is a  throwback issue from episode 23 about the best Non-Lethal Weapons for men, women, and home defense

    1. Security System Ideas
    2. Dogs
    3. False TVs
    4. Lights
    5. Locks
    6. Door Jams
    7. Window strengthening
    8. Defense like guns
    9. Non-lethal items such as
        9.1 pepper-spray
        9.2  baseball bats and batons
        9.3  lights
        9.4  slingshots and more
non-lethal weapons for defense

Non-Lethal Weapons For Defense

non-lethal weapon

Non-Lethal Weapon For Men


Non-Lethal Weapon For Women

Non-Lethal Weapon For Women


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