036 Going Off Grid, Home and Mobile Battery Banks, Inverters

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June 25, 2014
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July 4, 2014
Going Off Grid, Home and Mobile Battery Banks, Inverters: Living Off the Grid

Going Off Grid, Home and Mobile Battery Banks, Inverters: Living Off the GridLearn EVERYTHING you need to know about going off grid with home battery banks, and details about power inverters. Then go out with a MOBILE battery bank! I teach you how to build all of the battery banks.


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News Segment by J.Bradbury of PreparePDX.com:


I was trying to decide how I would present this information to all of you, and I realized that Steven Harris of Solar1234.com and of Battery1234.com did a terrific job on the audio presented on his websites, so I decided to use his information (and hopefully he doesn’t mind) on most of this topic, with some more detail added by me to unnecessarily expound on the wonderful information that he has provided.  If you decide to purchase ANYTHING that I have discussed today, please go to Steven’s websites and purchase from him through HIS affiliate links, to thank him for all of his hard work.

  1. DC Only System

    1. Walmart GP 29 Marine Battery

    2. 10A Schumacher Charger

    3. Place in closet or cupboard

    4. always leave charger on battery

    5. 1-2 12 volt sockets

      1. 12v splitter

      2. 12v USB chargers for multiple uses

        1. bigger is better, get 2A if possible, then 1A, not 500mA

    6. Best and cheapest way to charge this battery when power is out

      1. Start Car, attach jumper cables to car battery

    7. Adding inverters will add more options, but inverters have their own draw

    8. Keep a voltmeter for indication

      1. also a small 12vdc LED light

      2. Great one right here

  2. Adding Inverters

    1. Should actually buy inverters BEFORE batteries

    2. Modified Sine Wave Inverters vs True Sine Wave Inverters

      1. Modified is cheaper

      2. Step AC vs True AC

      3. Electronics have DC power supply anyways

      4. Only thing that won’t run on a MSW inverter is Synchronous Pump

        1. which most people don’t have any

    3. Smaller inverters are a little more efficient

      1. .5-1W leakage per 100W inverter… not very accurate rule though

        1. 1W/100 inv on low end, .5W/100 on high end

        2. 100W inv has 1W leakage

        3. 2000W inv has 10W leakage

    4. Inverter Technical Understanding made easy:

      1. Remember: Watts = Volts x Current (Amps)

      2. Inverters are 12V on DC side and 120V on AC side

      3. Wattage same on both sides

      4. Means on 120W inverter: 10A on DC side and 1A on AC side

    5. How You can determine the minimum battery life

      1. 100AH battery, 240W inverter, fully loaded

      2. 240W inverter at 12V is 20A… 240/12=20

      3. 100AH battery at 20A is 5Hr… 100/20=5

      4. If you want to get all crazy: AH*VOLT/ Inverter WATTS= Hrs you can last

  3. AC/DC Tabletop system with Marine Battery

    1. Find 100 or 150W inverter and plug into 12V Socket

      1. From this you can power

      2. LED lights, lower draw is better, go with 2-4W

      3. 2 200W inverters is better than 1 400W inverter

      4. Can plug in AA/AAA NiMH battery chargers

        1. gotta have the batteries

      5. Can run radio or small TV

      6. Most important items

        1. Lights and comms

      7. Sump pump

        1. ¼ Hp is 460W

        2. will run for 1-3 days on 1 marine battery

      8. Add small AC LED light, or LED Christmas lights for indication

    2. Inverters you may want:

      1. 1500W, 800W, and 2-400W

      2. 2-400W for most loads… efficiency, and reduce overdraw

      3. 800W for bigger loads such as refrigerator

      4. 1500W for

        1. Coffee Pot (1100W)

        2. Sump pumps

        3. Microwave

        4. Large loads for small amounts of time

      5. 1 pot of coffee is equivalent to 6 days of light

        1. 8 hr days

    3. Amount of power in one marine battery

      1. 1 qt of gas

        1. move large truck 5 miles

        2. run a 2KW generator for 3-4 hrs

    4. Benefit of the battery bank system over a generator?

      1. Want to run 2W led bulb on each system

      2. 2Kw Gen run for 1000 hrs right? wrong!

      3. Generator would use 500W still if you pull power or not

      4. Called a Turndown Ratio

        1. Gen TDR is 4:1

        2. Carnel Cycle

      5. Battery sips.  What you want is what you get.

        1. Effective TDR is 25,000 to 1 or .2A (200mA)

        2. Ohms Law

    5. When to use a Battery, and when to use a generator

      1. Lot of Power for Little time: Battery

      2. Little Power for Lot time: Battery

      3. Lot Power for Lot Time: Generator

    6. Reduce Power Consumption on your AC system

      1. heat with newer electric blankets

        1. 60W for 10sec every minute, that is like 10W continuous

      2. cool with small fan or ice cooler

        1. explain ice cooler

      3. Camping Gear is great

        1. Hand-Crank Blender

        2. French Press

        3. Propane Camp Stoves

        4. Your Grill

  4. Mobilize your Battery Bank

    1. Truck

      1. 2 6v GC2 Golf Cart Batteries

        1. Wired in series

      2. Truck bed tool box

        1. Fasten batteries in box

        2. Place large wood (either 2×10 or even Plywood) in box lid

          1. Fasten parts to the lid:

          2. Inverters (800W and 1600W)

          3. Chargers that connect to your alternator

          4. Bring that indicator back

          5. Wire up an extension cord to a receptacle in 4-gang box (dual recept) and in parallel with this, add…

          6. Attic Light socket with 2-4W LED light attached

    2. Car

      1. Just use your home marine battery table-top system

      2. You can find ways to clamp down on it

        1. be sure it can’t become a projectile

        2. Best way for permanent is under hood by other battery

      3. You can place the same components in the car as well though

    3. Both

      1. Mobile Alternative Power

        1. 100W solar Panel as another source

      2. Mobile Chargers

        1. Discussion about a typical camper charger

        2. Use this for separation between your car battery and your bank

          1. Sunforce 30A Charger

        3. Use this for your solar panel

          1. Sunforce 10A Charger

      3. Generators: http://theprepperpodcast.com/010

        1. You will run these, and plug your schumacher battery charger into them.

        2. Wake up, use, off, use, go to sleep (this will make much more sense in the podcast.

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