033 Going Off-The-Grid: Energy Conversion and Power Efficiency

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May 30, 2014
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June 9, 2014
Going Off-The-Grid: Energy Conversion and Power Efficiency- Living-Off-the-Grid-in-Hawaii-cabin

Going Off-The-Grid: Energy Conversion and Power Efficiency- Living-Off-the-Grid-in-Hawaii-cabinToday I give the first of a series about going off the grid. I discuss energy conversion and power efficiency and why you should look at it BEFORE going off grid.

  • Housekeeping:
    • zello
    • First Aid Kit and Trauma Kit Webinar coming soon
  • Lower Power Consumption and Energy Use of Your Home
    • Real Cost of off-grid solar system
      • Panels: $20,000
      • Batteries: $20,000
      • 30 years cost recovery
    • Benefit of off-grid system
      • Grid-Down Scenario
      • Regional Disaster
      • If grid-energy costs go up
    • You save more on raising efficiency over purchasing power generation.
      • $40k vs $30k (25k + 5k)
      • Get real efficiency expert for consulting
      • Work on effeciency
        • Seal up cracks in home
          • windows
          • doors
          • attics
          • basements
          • fireplaces
        • Attic insulation
          • roof pitch
          • attic vent fan
        • Seal ductwork
          • 1/5 of energy costs
          • our ducts disconnected
          • duct cleaning
        • Programmable thermostat
          • cell phone control
          • constantly turning it on and off
        • Energy Efficient windows
          • over $10k
          • Wood insulates better than aluminum
          • Storm Windows is cheaper
          • Add Blinds or Curtains
            • winter=black
            • summer=silver
            • black curtain=air flow
          • Efficient doors
            • no hollow doors
            • well sealed
            • glass patio doors
        • Some simple efficiency ideas
          • Solar window unit
          • Wood and Wood Gas Heat
          • Anaerobic Decompostition for methane
          • Double Roof (trailer people)
          • Window AC units
          • Low Flow Shower head
          • Reduce hot water temp/ add blanketLower Energy Use & Power Consumption by Energy Efficiency
  • Consider Which Alternative Source You have Available
    • Micro-Hydro
    • Wind
    • Solar
    • Geothermal
    • Wood Furnace
  • What is a battery bank and benefits
    • Silent
      • Less chance of theft or maliciousness
    • Lack of Toxic Fumes

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