022 Advanced Urban Survival Prepping Skills Research, Mt.Gox Bitcoin News

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March 12, 2014
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March 24, 2014
Advanced Urban Survival Prepping Skills Research, Mt.Gox Bitcoin News

Advanced Urban Survival Prepping Skills Research, Mt.Gox Bitcoin News

Advanced Urban Survival Prepping Skills Research, Mt.Gox Bitcoin News

I answer listener feedback and will be discussing Advanced Survival Prepping Research, Mt. Gox Bitcoin News, and Essential Urban Survival Skills.

Email From Alicia about Advanced Survival Prepping Research:

Wants to better direct her attention to finding valuable information.

  1. Rule of 3s for how long you can live in a survival scenario:

    1. 3 minutes without breathing (drowning, asphyxiation)

    2. 3 hours without shelter in an extreme environment (exposure)

    3. 3 days without water (dehydration)

    4. 3 weeks without food (starvation)

  1. First, Read my blog and listen to my podcast, and I will always give you the best information… I am kidding.

  2. How to find the best information for you when trying to survive:

    1. First, take a quick look at history.  What disasters have occurred in history?

      1. What problems arose from those disasters?

    2. Next, think about what caused those disasters.

    3. Is there a way to prevent said disaster?

    4. If there is no way to prevent the disaster, is there a way for us to remove or reduce the danger to us?

  3. Back to problems that were a result of disasters.

    1. There is an entire list of disasters to work off of.

      1. Job Loss, House Fire, Tornado, Snow and Ice Storm, Hurricane, Earthquake, Flood, Loss of Water Supply, Power Grid Failure, Pandemics

    2. What are the common problems resulting from each of these disasters?

      1. These are your priority items, wouldn’t you agree?

      2. We want to build resilience in our lives, and in what we do.

  4. Google is a great research tool, but you have to put your thinking cap on and come up with the question… google will usually have your answer, but don’t take all answers at face value, you need to think of your sources agenda (which we ALL have) and credibility.

  5. So the key to your dilemma is critical thinking, one of your most valuable skills for survival, and to find answers.

  6. Ask me, or others, your questions.  That is how I make this better for you.  Otherwise it is just a way for me to discuss my thoughts.

Wants to get more advanced information without looking for the “Super Prepper” or spending a ton of money.

  1. I going to bring this back at first to critical thinking.  A lot of the answers that people seek can be created in their own minds.  All of the advanced strategies that you are looking to learn, were created by someone at your level until they figured out this new skill.

    1. Doesn’t mean I think you have to make your own up by any means.

  2. I don’t know just how advanced you are, and neither does the other guys.  You can only get answers to the questions that you ask.

    1. Most people with real advanced strategies are entrepreneurs with many hours and headaches involved with developing those techniques.

    2. Community groups

      1. I am actually creating one in my area and I think everyone should.

      2. You find people that specialize in different fields, and everyone shares information.

Email from Bao about Mt.Gox Bitcoin News:

  1. Mt Gox is an exchange that was a GAMING company to start with.

  2. They were already struggling and decided to get into Bitcoin.

  3. For a year they had been fighting their own poor decisions.  They were barely hanging on.

  4. This story is not a story of Bitcoin Flaws, it is a story of someone losing their money in a poor business model.

  5. The news will keep attacking.

  6. Stop attacking money because of the faults of businesses.

Voicemail from Justin from Tennessee about Essential Urban Survival Skills:

Most Important Skills

  1. First discuss the TYPES of survival.

    1. Military Survival (Combat and Such)

    2. Wilderness Survival (How to survive a bug out to, or being stuck in, the wilderness)

    3. Modern Day Survival (aka Prepping)

    4. Where I spend my time, I need wilderness survival, do you?

    5. I use the security aspect of combat for my own security.  All things tactical can be considered Prepping AND Combat.

    6. Modern Day Survival runs the gambit with how much stuff in included here.  I could go one direction and talk about fema camps and tin hat conspiracies, or switch direction and discuss the need to prepare for disasters, or switch to an entirely different direction and discuss farming, permaculture, and homesteading.

  2. The “ideal scenario” would be fully stocked and prepared in all aspects of survival, but this is the “real” world with “real” people that are all interested in different aspects of survival.

    1. This is why I believe in a community model

  3. The problem with the survival community is that most people are not extremely interested in getting people prepared, as much as they are interested in selling you their gear, or food supplies.

  4. The direction I like to take in my prepping is this:

    1. If you can think of anything that is your PERSONAL TEOTWAWKI.  The inverse relationship between likelihood and impact…

    2. Begin to prepare for the smallest and most likely scenarios first

  5. Now to answer your base question… Skills, but once again we can base our needed skills on needs as well.

    1. Water

      1. Learn how to store water in advance, and learn how to procure water in a crunch, learn how to make your own filter, and how to create the charcoal medium to put in it.

    2. Food

      1. The “stuff” you buy is for self reliance.  We want self sufficiency.  Learn gardening and food forestry, aka permaculture.  Learn to create systems that are less labor intensive.  Learn how to observe and interact with the land.

    3. Shelter

      1. It is always good to think about ways to build one in the wilderness, but in prepping, you have this one covered.  Now you just do whatever you can to cover your energy costs.

    4. Security

      1. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS is most important.  Basic trap systems in wilderness can be adapted to alarms and traps in the homestead.  Learn to keep your mouth shut for security, and how to make friends.

      2. Learn to clean and handle your weapon, learn to cast bullets.

    5. Energy

      1. Learn to find passive heating and cooling.  Learn to chop and split firewood efficiently.  Learn BASIC electrical theory and wiring.

    6. Medical

      1. Learn first aid, preferably first responder level.  Learn Mass Casualty Triage.  Have hands-on-medical training to make you proficient enough to do a procedure if reading a first aid book.  Learn medicinal plants, oils, and basic general western medicines.

    7. Sanitation

      1. Learn to clarify waste using the land.  Learn to deal with it in a clean manner when sewage is down.

    8. Learn general home maintenance and carpentry.  Learn basic joints and how to use HAND tools as well as power tools to do all of the work

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