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A Desert Story: Tips on Survivial of a Disaster in the Heat

    He looks over at a dirty-faced, red-headed guy.  Hair all frizzy and knotted up.  Barely conscious and heavy eyes gaze back at him.  He […]

Survival Tactics: Hunting and Farming at the Correct Times

Share this post: [sociallinkz] It is critical that we understand how to grow our own groceries and learn how to store them for long term use […]

Earthship: Build with Recycled Materials for Cost Reduction

[sociallinkz] Earthships are a very cool concept.  You typically take the advantages of modern tools, sweat equity, and garbage.  Mix them all up with a pinch […]

Apartment Prepper Survival: How to survive, food stores, etc

    The one group of people that often get overlooked when it comes to modern survival is the apartment prepper.  Survival experts have wonderful preparedness tools… […]

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists P1

    Yesterday I wrote a blog post about travel survival which covers emergencies on the road, but what about when you make it to your […]

Survival Research: Hotel Emergency Procedures and Checklists P2

Friday, I wrote a post on hotel survival and my interview with the general manager at a hotel that I was staying at, The Best Western.  […]

Fun Family Survival, How to be Prepared, & Survivalist Forum

[sociallinkz] It is easy today to get ourselves overwhelmed with everything that everyone else thinks is important, or ideas that we adopt as important for us […]

Video: Plot Contour Lines for Hybrid Hugel Garden Beds

Building on my video last Friday, and my post on hugelkulture, my children and I teach you to plot contour lines on your land or yard […]

Video: Consumer Product Evaluation- Grand Trunk Hybrid Hammock

[sociallinkz] Today’s video post is a consumer product evaluation.  I am evaluating the Grand Trunk Hybrid Hammock.  The hybrid hammock has proven to be versatile and comfortable.  […]