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Proactively Living Your Best Life Vs The Ill Prepared

[sociallinkz] Lets learn how to turn ourselves from reactive to proactively living your best life possible vs allowing us to become the Ill prepared.  If you […]

Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

I was sent an email by a member of our community.  You can ask me to visit a topic as well!  He asked me if I […]

Herbalism, Alcohol Tincture Definition, Vitamin Tincture Recipe

Today is a post of herbalism.  I explain the tincture definition, the difference between alcohol and glycerin tinctures, what they are, and give you a vitamin […]

Herbalism Tinctures: Recipes, List of Herbs, Herbal Healer Solutions

My last post was on tinctures, how tinctures were made in general, what was used, and I added a recipe that I was going to use, […]

Types of Cured Meat, Preserving Meat with Salt or Brine Cure

I have been wanting for quite some time to find a way to prepare meat for storage without refrigeration needed.  I have come up with two […]

Year In Review, How to Set Goals, 2014 Goal Setting Template

I know lately, it hasn’t been about specific preps, but more about the holidays.  Well, in my attempt to balance my life, I have decided to […]

Best Foods to Eat are Wild Edibles (55 Edible Weeds and Plants!)

I want you to know the best foods to eat in the wilderness by telling you to eat wild edibles that grow in your own area. […]

Pyrolysis: Wood or Biomass Gasification for Energy Independence

My main focus is wood gasification, but almost all of what I am including may be used for all biomass gasification. I know that many people […]

Farm and Land Purchase Checklist: Find Survival Property or BOL

Let me explain what to look for to find the perfect survival property or BOL (Bug Out Location) with a detailed Farm and Land Purchase Checklist. […]