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Learn About Weather Forecasts Using Cloud Types as Indicator

[sociallinkz] I would like to help you learn about weather forecasts by using a very old technique, before radar.  If you are stuck in the wilderness, […]

What is Rock Climbing and Mountain Climbing Rope Guide

Alot of people spend lots of money to place the equipment used in climbing for wilderness expedition bags without having a good knowledge of what they […]

Slaughtering Cattle for Meat, What are Beef Cuts & Steak Cuts

[sociallinkz] I want to explain what the basics of the slaughtering of cattle were.  In the race for self sufficiency, many people forget to get the […]

Kitchen Composting Methods Using a DIY Compost Can Container

    I don’t care how perfect you are.  It doesn’t matter how much you care for the environment.  You never have your personal economics down […]

How to Make a Bow and Arrow, Craft Long Bows for Survival

[sociallinkz] I recently went through a long list of traps over the past week or so, one of which used a longbow for a Bow Trap, […]

Ballistics, Cartridge, & Ammunition Components 2: Bullet Sizes

[sociallinkz] In part 2 of the series, “Ballistics, Cardridge, & Ammunition Components,” I will be discussing bullet sizes in calibers and millimeters.  I will discuss or demystify […]

History: Firearm Ammunition Calibers, Wildcat Ammo, Reloading BCAC4

   [sociallinkz] I want to discuss briefly the history of firearm ammunition, the calibers of wildcat ammo, and reloading of casings in part 4 of the […]

Resilience: Raising Strong Kids & Teach your Children Well

  [sociallinkz] I am going to write something today that is important to me, my children.  Not only mine, but yours, and others in general.  I […]

Using a Family RV as the Ultimate Bug Out Vehicle?

[sociallinkz] I have heard many people talk about using the family RV, or recreation vehicle, to bug out.  Many people are set that it is the […]