Mini-Episode: Packing Up to Leave

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July 17, 2018
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Every job has its pros and cons. Some can be pretty chaotic and …

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Every job has its pros and cons. Some can be pretty chaotic and most, if not all, don’t always pay employees what they’re worth. But what if one of the downsides of your job was death? Pretty sure they don’t make bonuses that cover that.

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(MALE VOICE): I’m a mountain guide and I love my work. It’s really fun to be out with people who are psyched on skiing and climbing and continuing their avalanche education–things like that. But, the huge downside is packing up to leave and I’m actually recording this from the airport.

But my wife and I have twin boys that are seven and a half right now, and just missing stuff they do and worrying about what would happen if I got hurt or smoked in the backcountry. That’s the big downside, other than that it’s pretty great–if you can deal with the chaos and not knowing how much cash you’re going to make in a year. All that kind of stuff. Anyway, but otherwise, it’s pretty darn good.

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