The Art of Adventure – Joey Schusler’s Unexpected Journey II

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February 12, 2018
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Follow Joey Schusler from Colorado to Mongolia, Mexico and Iceland.

The Art Of Adventure

The mountain bike lifestyle has allowed Joey to see and experience many wonders like this.

As Joey Schusler progressed in the world of filmmaking, so did the epicness of his adventures. From Mongolia to Mexico to Iceland, he’s continually raised the stakes through his pursuit of secluded singletrack, uncharted territories and majestic landscapes.


Series Description: With roots in Boulder, CO, the mountains have been a formative force in Joey Schusler’s life. However, after nearly a decade of racing—climbing the ranks from local races to the UCI World Cup—his focus began to shift toward filmmaking, seeing how far his bike could take him, not just how fast he could go. In the years since, he’s traveled the world with his camera, bike and best friends, exploring rugged and remote areas, telling the stories of places and their people. For Joey, adventuring is not only a lifestyle, but an art form.

The Art Of Adventure The Art Of Adventure The Art Of Adventure The Art Of Adventure

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