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June 30, 2017
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July 11, 2017

What is the meaning of the 4th of July to People Today?

Today, the 4th of July is all about Summer, BBQ, Beer, Parades, and Fireworks

We have let our family gatherings and cookouts get in the way of our Independence Day knowledge.

What Independence Day is all about, as taught by our schools.

A Revolution was declared against the British and On July 4th, 1776 the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Then there was a celebration where the Liberty Bell was cracked from getting hit so hard

What is the Declaration of Independence (DOI)?

The Declaration of Independence is a document signed by our local governing body. It was done so to explain to the British King that we were tired of the British government overstepping its bounds and consistently overtaxing the people.

The first rough draft was written in the Green Dragon Tavern over a mug of ale.  This was the same Tavern that people got drunk at before the Boston Tea Party.

Who Were The Men / Signers of the Declaration of Independence Really?

You can get a list of names anywhere, but that doesn’t actually teach you anything.  The men that signed the Declaration of Independence were revolters.  Today, they would not be considered stand up people.  To the British crown, they were felons and traitors.

What else were they? Men of power and courage that had enough of the tyranny and because of this fact, they needed to rally people to their cause, so… they signed the DOI.

The Revolutionary War, The War for Independence

War was declared on Great Britain in April of 1775. At first there was an impressive turnout for the war but once people realized how long it was taking, the people volunteering started to diminish.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

The ride of Paul Revere occurred on April 18th 1775.  His purpose was part of a planned early warning system, where they would send one person by land and Two by sea to reach the north church steeple and light a lantern.

Instead, Paul was caught off-guard and decided to Ride to Lexington to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams and stopped at houses on his way to Lexington

There he was joined by rider William Dawes and they continued on to Concord where there was hidden ammunition for the continental army.

They were joined by Samuel Prescott and intercepted by a British battalion, and all three were arrested.

The Drafting of the Revolutionary War

Late 1776, The colonies began cash incentives since the volunteer rate was so low.  It dropped even more, where in 1778 they had to start drafting.

Many Americans (15-20%) were Crown Loyalists, fought as red coats because they saw the revolters as treasonous.

Native Americans in the War

Native Americans fought on both sides.  In Peace of Paris Treaty, the Crown Natives lost their land.  The others made out better initially, but ultimately lost theirs as well.

The entire reason why they fought with the Brits was because they wanted to save their land.

War has Ended

In 1781, war was unofficially over.  1783 War was officially over when peace treaty was signed.

Contrary to the popular belief, the liberty bell was not broken by the 4th of July celebration in 1777.

The bell was improperly cast, then broken, recast, and broken several times.  It was intact during the war.

The bell wasn’t even rang on the 4th of July, it was rang when the DOI was read aloud.

The Declaration of independence (DOI)

The signing of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) is why we celebrate the 4th in the first place.

The first draft written by Thomas Jefferson in the Green Dragon Tavern.

Dependence was actually declared on July 2nd, 1776.  The DOI was still a draft, signed only by John Hancock and Charles Thompson, Congressional Leader and Secretary of congress.

John Adams wrote to wife Abigail, predicting that July 2nd would be a holiday due to the first signatures.

The DOI was read aloud in the city on July 8th and then finally Signed Aug 2, 1776.  It was delivered to Great Britain that following November.

Why was the 4th of July Chosen as our Independence Day?

The 4th was the day congress stopped hashing out the details of the draft that was submitted on the 2nd.  On this day, they agreed to the wording. The 4th of July was the date that was on the newest revision that was signed in august.

The 4th of July wasn’t a national holiday until 1870 (a century later).

The “REAL” Story of the 4th of July

A bunch of guys ticked off at government for high taxes, the removal of liberties, and tyrannical rule declared war against the crown and took control of their independence.

Later, in writing, they gave us our rights to protect us from tyranny.

In celebration, remember the traitors that were sick of tyranny, taxes, their rights being taken.  Remember the traitors that were way handicapped in numbers, yet decided to fight back against the government for their rights.

Celebrate by teaching this story to your family.

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