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December 25, 2015
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Setting goals can be a sure-fire way to succeed or fail in preparedness, business, and almost every aspect of life.

Most people don’t understand how to properly set goals so they are achievable and segregated, so they fail to meet them.

This makes everyone feel like big failures, and discourages them from setting goals in the future.

SMART Goal Setting

SMART goal setting will only help you achieve what you want.  Learn the SMART way to set your preparedness goals, because you can only do the best you can with the information you have.

Do you want to:

  • Own 37 tactical rifles?
  • Succeed in business?
  • Have 12 years of food storage?
  • Be able to walk up a flight of stairs without fainting?

Pay attention…

SMART Survival Goals for Your Sure-fire Success






SMART is a method of creating goals so you can make them, measure them, and DESTROY THEM.


Don’t be vague in your goals.  Know exactly what you want when you set goals.  Saying that you want more energy independence won’t get you anywhere.  What do you want?  Try changing that to a specific generator or inverter.  BE SPECIFIC.


This is the only way to see if you are making progress on your goals.  Give yourself specific equipment goals, dollar amounts, weight loss amounts, or other quantifiable values.


Don’t waste your time with goals that you can’t achieve.  Be honest with yourself about what is realistic.

You can’t fully prepare for a viral-pandemic in 3 weeks.  You can’t become a real-estate expert in a month.


Make the goal worth doing.  Make it something that will help you.  Don’t make a goal to learn under-water basket weaving, just because you felt like it.  What good will that do you?


Give yourself an overall deadline, and break that deadline into smaller segments with smaller goals over time.

If you want to have backup power, when do you want it by?  When do you want the generator bought?  When will you get the switch installed by?

If you get 67% there, it probably isn’t a total failure, because now you are 2 months prepped with food!

How to achieve your goals and reach new levels of success

Want to make your goals work for you?  Take the time to work toward them.

Here are a few ways to make setting goals easier and make you more likely to achieve them.

Break Big Goals into smaller ones

big goals

You can imagine and meet smaller goals.  If your goal is to work on a 100 day project, then break it up into 4 25-day sections.  It is easier to keep it top of mind and keep track of progress.

Focus on goals every day

focus on goal

Keep reminders to tell you to do something daily.  They could be automated reminders of all your tasks, such as calendar appointments or alarms.

You could also keep something as simple as a sticky note on your mirror or monitor to remind you daily.

Schedule Regular time to work toward goals

schedule for goals

If you don’t work on a task, it doesn’t matter how many reminders you have.  Place the time on your calendar or scheduler, so you can make time.

If you only scheduled 15 minutes per day to work on your Bug Out Bag, over the course of one year, you would have worked 90 hours on it.

That would be one amazing bag!

Take a Break

take a break

For every hour you work on something, set a cheap kitchen timer to go off.  Then take a 15 minute break.

When you focus, YOU FOCUS.  When you rest, YOU REST.

Come back, and reset your timer.

Remove Distractions

remove distractions


If you get distracted as much as I do, then it is a lot.

First remove the distraction, if possible.  If not, then remove yourself from that distraction.

Important stuff may not be able to be pushed aside, but emails and things can just be deferred to a time you designate for it.

Get help and Support

get help and support

It has been proven time and time again that people whom are held accountable and have regular follow up are much more likely to meet their goals.  Get a friend or family member to help.

Sometimes hiring a consultant is the best way to reduce the amount of time it will take.  Instead of trying to figure it out, just get help.  Money, you can get back, but not time.

Review your progress and adjust

Review your progress

You have made smaller, measurable goals.

Just use these as a way to gauge your progress, and spend more time to catch up, or rearrange your time.

If you are beating expectations, what are you doing to cause this?  Do more of that!

Review your progress bi-weekly or monthly, based on the time required to finish.

What if I don’t achieve my goals?

move forward

True, you want to finish what you start.  But what if you don’t?

I may be working on my “6-months of food” storage, but what if I only achieve 4?  I am 4 months better off than I was!

Don’t sweat it!  But move forward.

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