098 Thanksgiving 2015

thanksgiving day
Thanksgiving 2015
November 23, 2015
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December 7, 2015
thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving is a Great Time to Slow Down and Recharge

Holidays are here, time to slow it down a bit.

  1.  Take time to enjoy our blessings

Survivalists always talk about the problems in this nation,

  1. So many times we forget just how good we have it
  2. We should take time to talk about how great things can be in the United States, or anywhere.
  3. Poverty level in the U.S. is more privileged than the “wealthy” in other countries.

Overall, this country is still not that bad a place to grow up

  1. You can grow up in poverty and change your outcome

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Opportunities are Abundant in this Country, Be Thankful for That

I am a good example to the opportunities in this country

Poor and lacking government assistance

  1. Explain my home with broken windows and heating up food for my brother
    1. If this were many other countries, I would still be the trade of my parents.
  2. I was given a chance to learn (trade, skill, or collegiate)
  3. I am able to give my children a life of privilege
  4. I was able to start a business and flop
  5. I was able to start a business and then develop and grow it

True our government is corrupt, like all governments

  1. True they watch our every move
  2. True the infringe on our rights and steal a percentage of our wealth
  3. But the fact is this:
    1. We have the right, privilege and the ability to change our lives based on our desires

I am on a journey

  1. Never thought I would be where I am at now
  2. Not at my destination but I am changing my life in a continuous journey

Thanksgiving Day

You Choose Your own Outcome, Instead of Having it Dictated to You

Many other countries don’t have our freedoms.

  1. Past and future
  2. You will grow into the family occupation and social status
  3. You didn’t choose it, you were pushed into it
  4. It was chosen for you
  5. There were very few exceptions

Show Thanksgiving and Enrich the Lives of Others By Following These Simple Steps

First I want you to enjoy

  1. Spending time with family
  2. Overabundance of food
  3. A warm home to sleep in
  4. The electronics and technology that brings this podcast to you

Next, I want you to give

  1. Find one person that has less than you
  2. Give that person something from the heart
  3. If you have children, teach them how great it feels to help someone less fortunate

And Now, I want you to

  1. Listen to my very first thanksgiving on The Prepper Podcast
  2. A History Lesson of Thanksgiving, the real story of the first thanksgiving, and how it was started

First Prepper Podcast Thanksgiving: 009 True Crafted Story Behind the Pilgrims First Thanksgiving

The Typical Story of Thanksgiving is WRONG! So what is the TRUTH?

What is the typical story of thanksgiving?

  1. 1621
  2. The feast was actually a hunting party and it lasted 3 days long.
    1. There was no thanksgiving

Alternative Versions of Thanksgiving are JUST AS WRONG!

Another view of Thanksgiving was of a Mass Genocide

  1. 1637
  2. 700 indians killed
  3. Massachusetts Bay Colony
  4. Puritans
  5. Gov. John Winthrop

Learn the Facts about Thanksgiving and Enjoy the Awesome Story of Struggle

Plymouth Colony Pilgrims Colonists Thanksgiving Podcast

1620 Colonists Landed and founded New Plymouth

  1. Half of the colony starved and got sick
  2. New Plymouth Colony were seperatists (English Disinters)
  3. Pathetic hunters and horrible butchers
    1. English City Folk

Squanto to the Rescue!!!

  1. Returned from slavery in England, knew their language.
  2. Taught them to hunt game, fish cod, and trap for hides, and grow corn.
  3. This tied into the 1621 period.

The “Pilgrims” Were a Bunch of Christian Communists

  1. They shared land and production
  2. By 1623, it didn’t work, it was failing BIG.
  3. Gov. William Bradfords book “Of Plymouth Plantation” told story
  4. In 1623, they held a meeting.
    1. Decided to share land, but not production.
    2. Raging success.
  5. Doing well until drought
    1. Lack of food pushed them into “humiliation” (prayer and fasting)
      1. After each one, they had meals.
      2. They became more frequent
    2. Drought subsided with a 14 day rain.
      1. All crops revived.
    3. People attributed the rain and large harvest to God
      1. Governor Bradford proclaimed November 29th 1623, a day of thanksgiving.
      2. There was no sharing of food with the Natives.
      3. This was the first Thanksgiving under ‘civil’ authority.
      4. This is the one I feel is real

Pilgrim Burials from First Winter Thanksgiving Podcast

National Observances of Thanksgiving didn’t Occur Until Much Later

    1. John Hanson, who was president of the Continental Congress, on October 11, 1782, declared that the fourth Thursday of every November was to be a Thanksgiving Day.
    2. Then September 25, 1789, Congressman Elias Boudinot, from New Jersey, proposed that the House and Senate jointly request of President Washington to proclaim a day of thanksgiving for “the many signal favors of Almighty God”, one day after the House of Reps voted to recommend the First Amendment of the newly drafted Constitution to the states for ratification.
    3. October 3, 1789, George Washington created the first Thanksgiving Day designated by the national government of the United States of America.

thanksgiving proclamation united states congress 1782 podcast

Many Lessons Should be Learned From the True Story of Thanksgiving

Communism doesn’t work.

  1. People are lazy and selfish
  2. People don’t want to work for the gain of others (much of the welfare system)
    1. People GIVE when they see a need, because it feels good
  3. Russia screwed up as well
  4. Population was small so they could turn their mistakes around
  5. Shared land worked but shared gain did not
  6. Guess what our new governmental system is starting to resemble

We should all be prepared for rough times as these

  1. We should know how to hunt, fish, trap, build, and much more.
    1. Half of the Separatist population died in the first year because they had no idea what they were doing
    2. If you ever end up in a situation with minimal or no support, it would do you well to be self-sufficient

If hard times hit, it would be a good idea to have a small community, or neighborhood of “like-minded” people that can work to a common goal of sustainability and survival.

  1. This includes people that have needed skills, and those that are generous to help others.

Happy-Thanksgiving podcast

Have a Happy and Fun Filled Thanksgiving!!!

Learn a new, self-reliant skill this holiday weekend.

Spend tons of time with the family, If you are single, give charity to the needy.

Dont shop on thanksgiving podcast

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