history behind christmas
059 History behind Christmas and Biblical Account of the Christmas Story
January 2, 2015
060: Deciding Your Next Move and Setting Your S.M.A.R.T. Survival Goal
January 9, 2015

Make New Year’s goals. Dig within, and discover what you would like to have happen in your life this year. This helps you do your part. It is an affirmation that you’re interested in fully living life in the year to come.

~Melody Beattie


I talked last year about business goals and survival goals, I broke them into categories.  I had at least 5 categories for each and many goals for each category.  It is difficult to ensure that I keep all goals in mind when there are over thirty or forty of them. I worked on many of my goals from last year, and I got about 40% of them completed.  I actually think that it is a good turnout over the year to get that many goals accomplished. Going forward, I feel that I need to reduce the amount of goals I have, so I can laser focus on them. Financially, I want to get one of or vehicles paid off. In business, I would like to:

  1. Get more products on my store.
    1. I currently have seminars and trainings I have done on my store, but I would like to get “items” for sale on there. I don’t want to do affiliate links, but I want to go the fulfillment route.  If anyone is in that space, and would be willing to teach this to me, that would be awesome.
  2. Finish collaborative book
    1. I am doing the electrical and alternative power chapter on the book.
  3. Make Sales
    1. I want to make $1000/month in business

In “non-business” survival (because I think a business is a large part of a resiliency plan), there are a few things that I did not do that I wanted to do last year.  I am considering a couple goals for my wife and I BOTH:

  • Concealed Carry Permit:
    1. We did not do the concealed carry permit, but after our gun-fighting class, I realized the need even more.
  • Build a better rain catchment system
    1. Our rain catchment is nowhere near where I want it.
  • Get a NEW generator to run on natural gas
    1. Generators that run on natural gas are MUCH easier to use when the service is there, but it is a system that EVENTUALLY could fail, so have a different method of powering it (wood gas or methane)
  • Get 4 more electric blankets
    1. This will give every single person their own temperature controlled electric blanket, which will reduce power consumption and raise comfort in the cold.

I know this list is much smaller than last year’s, but they are more actionable, and I can place reminders around the house of each one so I am always thinking about them.  I also have a HUGE and GNARLY goal on my list.  Did you just read over it without thinking about it? I said I want to make $1000/month in business.  This is HUGE because I am currently not making much at all. If you want to help contribute to this goal, just visit SurvivalGearTools.com and see what I have available.

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