102: Set Your New Year Goals 2016 In a SMART Way

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December 29, 2014
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SMART Survival Goals for Your Sure-fire Success







specific goals

Don’t be vague.  Know exactly what you want when you set goals.

Don’t say I want more energy independence.  Say, “I want to get 400Watts of Solar Panels and 4 100AH GC2 batteries.”


measurable goals

You need to be able to measure your results to see if it you are getting anywhere. There must be some way to see if you have succeeded.  

For the panels and batteries, it is pretty easy to measure, but you can make it easier to measure if you give yourself specific dollar goals to afford it as well

In my business, I need to keep up with the arithmetic of visits, listens, and dollars generated.  I use statistic software for this.


attainable goals

Be honest with yourself.  Can you actually achieve this goal?  If not, then you are wasting your time.

I could choose something like being FULLY prepared for 5 years in just 8 months, but that isn’t real.  I need to get more attainable in my preps, like getting 2 months worth of food accomplished.

Saying I want to make a living solely on my business is a little too aggressive for where I am.  I need to make a smaller goal in my finances.  The ultimate goal down the road would be a sole income, but, can I accomplish that in just the next year.


relevant goal

Does the goal make sense?  Will it actually help me achieve what I am trying to do in my field or personality?

I will not try to be a video game developer, because that is not relevant to my podcast, business, or prepping.


time-bound goal

Have some kind of deadline.

Break it down into actionable goals and steps over time.  I want to be 3 months prepared in my food…but by when?

In a month, six months, 3 years?

If you get 67% there, it probably isn’t a total failure, because now you are 2 months prepped with food!

How to achieve your goals and reach new levels of success

If you would like to make your goals work for you, then you will have to take the time to work on them.  I have listed a sure fire way to make goal setting easier and make you more likely to succeed at it.

Break Big Goals into smaller ones

big goals vs small goals

Smaller goals are easier to achieve and to actually envision, so maybe instead of getting 3 months of preparedness in 6 months time, you should work on 2 weeks of food preps each month.

This will make it easier to keep the goal at top of mind.

Focus on goals every day

focus on goal

If I don’t keep reminders to tell me to do something daily, then I may forget.  I keep automated reminders of all my tasks.  When you make your goals, actually place it on your calendar.  Place your smaller goals in there as well, so you get messages reminding you to work on it.

Three months of preps can be broken down into 1-2 meals each day.  I can keep a sticky note on my monitor to keep me at $40 dollars in product sales per day, so I know to work on THAT first.

Schedule Regular time to work toward goals

plan your goals

Automated reminders don’t work unless you schedule time to work on it.  Just schedule 15 minutes per day to work on each goal.  15 mins a day is two hours a week, and nearly 90 a year.  It should be easy enough to finish that Amateur Radio License in 90 hours!

If you want to just batch all your time into one big segment, then you can just use a calendar to schedule days to work on your goals.

Use a kitchen timer to dedicate the time in chunks.  Set it and FOCUS until it goes off.  Then get up to rest for a bit.  Come back with intent, and reset your timer.

Remove Distractions

remove distractions

My big problem is distractions.  I get very distracted at times.  Some are important distractions, yet others are not.

If you can’t remove the distraction, then move yourself away from it.  Like, going into your shop or office away from playing children.

If it is an email or something, just defer it to another time.  Close the program, it will be available when you open it back up.

Get help and Support

get help and support

This is serious, you need accountability.  Get a friend or family member to regularly follow up with you.

You may need a teacher to help you with what actions to take next.  I am a survival consultant.  All you have to do is ask!

You may need someone that is willing to just follow up with you, which is also part of consulting.

Review your progress and adjust

review your progress

Frequently check your progress against the smaller, measurable goals that you have set so you can see what you have to do to catch up, or if you are exceeding expectations, you can figure out what is causing this and focus more on that.

Because your goals are measurable (since you followed my advice), this should be easy.  Your reviews should be weekly or monthly.


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