047: Prepping How To and Charity: Neighbors, Friends, & Families

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Prepping How To and Charity Neighbors, Friends and Families

Prepping How To and Charity Neighbors, Friends and Families

Prepping How To and Charity Neighbors, Friends and Families

Prepping How To and Charity Neighbors, Friends and Families


Imagine living in the kind of world where we don’t look out for each other, where you don’t have compassion or care not just for the other people or even to those closest to us… How lonely life can be, how cruel and miserable life it will be. Isn’t it?



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Prepping How To and Charity: Neighbors, Friends, & Families

  1. Did a blog on this concept: Prepping How To & Charity: Neighbors, Friends, & Families Idea came from a complaint that a blogger had, erroneously calling prepper’s selfish.
    1. We teach our children to be productive, not to be a burden, but not to rely on the system in difficult times.
    2. I considered her ignorance.  You don’t argue with ignorance, you teach it.
    3. So, first, we need to try to change the mindset of those that would be unprepared, then we fall back on what we stock up for their help.
  2. Prepare to help families, friends, and neighbors

    1. Our Direct family will probably be ok, but our extended family, friends, and neighbors may not
    2. They don’t choose to prepare
    3. Where do you think they will turn to
    4. They will be the ones knocking on your door, asking for your food
    5. People will turn to the prepared for help
  3. Why do we want to prepare for our friends and neighbors?:

    1. A few bucks could save a life
    2. People that are looking to take advantage of others could be paid to go away
  4. I do not “announce” that I have preps set aside, so I can properly ration it.

  5. When this happens you can:

    1. Turn them away
    2. Have portioned preps meant to help them out
      1. Probably not enough to keep them healthy, but SOMETHING to help them help themselves
  6. What do we look for in our “neighborhood preps”?

    1. Cheap
    2. Easy to store
    3. High in energy
    4. Help them stay alive
    5. Keeps them “friendly” to you
  7. What we don’t look for:

    1. Fresh Produce
    2. Grass Fed Beef
    3. High End, Expensive, High Nutrient Food
  8. Items:

    1. Dried Beans: High Protein, substitute for meat for vegetarians
      1. Pinto
      2. Black
      3. Northern
      4. Navy
      5. Lima
      6. Split peas
      7. Lentils
      8. 20 lbs for 20 bucks at Amazon
      9. Found a pound bag of Black-Eyed peas for 60 cents at the grocery store
    2. Rice: Cheap Staple, saves lives of starving people overseas
      1. 50 lb sack for 50 bucks (white or even long-grain brown)
    3. Noodles or Pasta:
      1. 30 bucks for 11 lbs of Spaghetti, Penne, Bionaturae, or Fusilli on Amazon
      2. Great source of carbs
    4. Bad for those of us today, but not for people that are hungry and in survival mode
      1. People that are working every day and burning fuel
      2. Carbs are a high energy, even if it is low in nutrient, energy fuel
    5. Dried Mixed Fruit:
      1. Small Quantities Bulk Dried Mixed Fruit 5 lbs.
      2. 5 pound bag is 25 bucks
    6. Dried Corn Feed
      1. Steve Harris’s idea.
      2. Extremely cheap
      3. Also called Dent Corn
      4. Corn flour
      5. Chowder
      6. You even get in in high fructose corn syrup
      7. Cargill has a 40Lb bag for $10: 40LB Whole Corn
      8. Even the organic stuff is about 1.50 per lb: Flowing River Farm – Organic Corn- 6lbs (Refill Bag)
      9. Make Ethanol
    7. Rolled Oats or Quick Rolled Oats – Bulk 50 Pound Bag ($53)
    8. Cheap White Sugar Domino Sugar, Granulated, 25-Pound Bags ($23)
      1. Absorbs moisture to keep foods fresh
      2. Used to preserve meats
    9. Bulk Salt Pacific Ocean Gourmet Salt (Fine Grain 20lbs) ($28)
      1. Preserve Meat, Cheese Mold,
      2. Cleaning (great with lemon juice)
      3. Sore throats
      4. Soaking body parts
      5. Electrolytes
      6. Caused Salt War of 1540 (Papal Taxes) and the San Elizario Salt War of 1877 (Salt Lake Beds, Guadalupe Mts)
    10. Spray Dried Milk
    11. Bulk Wheat (33# @ $28 via LDS, and $22 self stored):
        1. Hard White Wheat – Organic – 35 Lbs. Resealable Bucket – High Protein – Perfect for Food Storage, Flour, Baking, Sprouting & More
  9. Other things we can do to help get our neighbors prepared:

    1. Even better than storing food for your neighbors is the idea of having a MASSIVE garden and storing what you grow over time.  When you have too much you can give it away, and tell them why.
    2. Start a “Community Garded”
    3. Invite them to your local “prepping group”

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