045: Motivational Words – How To Bounce Back from Failure Leading to Success

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September 8, 2014
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September 15, 2014

You have never heard the “how to bounce back from failure” speech like this.  With fairly motivational words, I discuss that failure leads to success, in life, AND IN PREPPING.

Don’t be afraid to fail

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How do people define failure?

Merriam-Webster: Omission of occurrence or performance or Lack of success or falling short

Redefine Failure

Instead of lack of success or non-performance, we can define it as just part of the process on the path to success

Instead of something done wrong or messed up, we can redefine it as innovation lessons or character building exercises

Failure is a learning opportunity.

Failure is success if we learn from it

Reasons to fail now instead of later:

  • Availability of income streams
  • You aren’t getting younger
  • Current situations are more forgiving that those you are preparing for
  • You aren’t emotional
  • You can make it a learning opportunity because you are rational
  • Compounding Results
  • It is a skill and knowledge investment.
  • Accidental Success

Fear failure and Reduce Failure:

  • Don’t fear it to the point of inaction, just enough to understand the risks, how to mitigate them, your escape strategy.


How to use failure:

Feel it:

Don’t move on too soon.  You need to allow yourself to understand that you had a failure.  Allow some time for it to sink in and for you to process the emotions. Don’t get attached to them.

Reflect on it

In your pause, reflect and decide what went wrong.  Was it careless, was it a trial and error?

Claim Responsibility

If it is your fault, don’t blame others

If it is outside your control, don’t blame yourself.

If your involvement was cause of the failure, accept it so you can learn from it.

Admit it

Acknowledge your misstep, and move on so you can refocus going forward.

If you can’t admit it, you can’t fix it.

Take Action

Create an action plan with steps you will take.  At this point, you don’t try.

You learned, came up with a plan, now take action.

If your actions fail, you are back into the steps for using failure.


What not to do:

Move on too quickly

Don’t dismiss the failure as small or trivial.  You won’t learn from something that you see as a minor issue.

Blame or make excuses

If you don’t take ownership, you can’t learn and correct the mistake.

Only work on what you can control.

You can’t control the outcome if you don’t take some ownership.

Deny or Cover Up

If you deny your part in the mistake, you are doomed to repeat the past

Give Up Easily

Don’t give up because of fear or “not wanting to deal with it”.

Giving up is a real action that may be taken, but If it is out of fear, you will harbor regret.

The road to success is paved in failure.

Don’t be too afraid to screw up, or you may not ever begin.

Now isn’t a good time, Well, It’s never a good time.

I want you to begin your projects, fail at them, learn from the failures, and ultimately pick yourself back up, dust yourself off, and start over.

Eventually you will find yourself prepared, successful, and enjoying life, and your projects

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