Year In Review, How to Set Goals, 2014 Goal Setting Template

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012 Book of Luke & Origins Christmas Story, Real Story Saint Nicholas
December 20, 2013
013 Writing New Year’s Goals 2014, Year End in Review 2013
January 3, 2014
Year In Review, How to Set Goals, 2014 Goal Setting Template

Year In Review, How to Set Goals, 2014 Goal Setting TemplateI know lately, it hasn’t been about specific preps, but more about the holidays.  Well, in my attempt to balance my life, I have decided to do holiday posts and shows each year, and take the rest of the holidays off.

Today I am going to show you my Survival 2013 Year in Review.  I am going to show how to set goals, at least the way I did it, and my simple 2014 Goal Setting Template.  I detest resolutions!  I don’t do them.  I set goals to obtain for the year.

I know it has been a while since I have said this, but I do not call myself an EXPERT in the field of survival.  Other people have called me that just because I know more “stuff” about survival than they do.  Well, I didn’t get to the point I am (LONG WAY AWAY FROM FULLY PREPPED) on accident.

I had help from my goal lists, my family, and all the other “experts” in the field.  Funny thing is… I learned more from people that DID NOT call themselves experts.

I am trying to be real right now.  Just because I have posted on a topic does not mean I have done it.  I try to do them after I post about it, but because I lack the necessary “time” to do many things, I am limited.  I started this blog because I wanted to have a method to my learning and studying of survival.

Here is the deal, I have learned much more in the last year than I have in a very long time in survival.  That was the purpose of the blog.  That is also one reason for the prepper podcast, but that is more to bring my content to those that are “on the run” like I am constantly.  A lot of what I learn is in audio format, then I review it for posts and podcasts (on-demand internet radio).

With all of this being said, It is time to go over the 2013 year-in-review.  I derive some of the important fields from Steven Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”  He has great principles in there, and it was a great actionable book for a beginner.  I am past those techniques, I think, but the overall principle is still awesome.  The different Subjects that I cover in my yearly review is:

  1. Spiritual: What to do you believe? Identify your spiritual belief, align your actions, and work to improve your spiritual walk.  I am a christian, so I choose to do what I can to help others when possible and to spend time in prayer.  I choose to NOT judge others.  I know many people have a sour taste for Christians, but that is because most “Christians” are social Christians, where as they have not the moral compass that you get from a “true walk” in faith.
  2. Physical: Your body is a temple.  You could live in a temple of straw, sticks, or stone.  Your choice.  I choose a strong, fast, high-stamina body.
  3. Mental: Lots of Alzheimer in the world today.  A lot of that is because people are becoming mentally flaccid.  It is unfortunate.  Why do you think people of old knew so much stuff.  Their days were full of learning new things and sharpening what they know, because survival depended on such.  It has been proven that an active mind lasts longer than an inactive one.
  4. Family: This one is all about a balanced life, which is VERY hard for me.  I try very hard to spend necessary time with my children and my wife, both one-on-one and together.  When you get as tired as I do, it begins to feel like a chore, but I fight that because when I do it a lot, relationships grow and it is less of a chore.  It is almost always fun after I start.  Told you guys that I try to be real!
  5. Professional (Job): I may have a business, but my livelihood is my job.  I want to do the best job that I can and work to develop myself to be a more valuable asset to my company.  Since I have been working to be better, things have gotten better there by far.
  6. Business: This is a big part of my plan for financial independence.  Another arrow in the quiver, another leg to stabilize my financial table.  I do want to grow the business to be able to support my family as my sole income, but I do balance it well not to hinder my job performance.  Growing a business is one of the things I like to say to people as a financial prep.  It is an INVESTMENT in self.
  7. Survival: Military, Wilderness, and Modern Day Survival.  I work to be better at all of them.  If you read my blog or listen to my podcast, you already know my views on survival improvement, improving self-reliance and self-sufficiency.

I don’t plan to show you all of the above subjects, I will essentially just show you a list from my business and survival list.  Remember, FAILURE is SUCCESS.  If you try and fail, you learn, therefor you win!  Here is my review of those subjects for 2013:

Social and Email   Food  
  Created social pages to connect with you!   Copy-Canning (not done, but worked on it)
  Created many videos   created can stackers (PVC, maybe a post in the future)
  Began connecting on Google plus and twitter, even though I am not big a big fan.   Made water Keifer (probiotics yo!)
  Set up email Opt in (this is how you can sign up for my personal emails)   Failed Miserably at a Garden (I blame the late start, but we still produced some… It was more of a failure for me)
Organization   Water  
  IQTELL (Getting Things Done Principle, and Project management.  It’s FREE!)   Worked on Backup Water Storage in soda bottles (never done, but sitting fairly good)
  Set up a business bank account for tracking expenses   Water Purification Tablets (when you run our to water!)
Web Improvements, Tracking, SEO   Shelter  
  Created   New Hammocks (Grand Trunks Hybrid Hammocks)
  Created   New Tents
      Storm Shelter
  Lots of hidden stuff with websites (LOTS!!!)   Learned some shelter constructions
  Created a Backup System on my websites Energy  
  Began satellite sites for SEO   Learned a primitive fire building technique and practiced it
  Google Analytics   Solar Powered, Battery backup for storm shelter
  Woopra Security  
Podcasts and Posts     Aquired some firearms (NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! LOL)
  Went to new format (Awesome decision) Sanitation  
  Added additional ways for people to join podcast (If you arent listening to The Prepper Podcast YOU SHOULD!) Medical  
Income Generating   Other  
  Wrote a book about bees (So far, my only income)   Made several Paracord bracelets
  Had money paid to me (That’s what makes a business, not a hobby)   Made Paracord Belt
Other     Camping Supplies Bought
  Been looking into an assistant, researching security and such.   Camped with children (Doubles as Family, Permaculture says to stack benefits)
      Learned extra ways of compass-free orienteering
      Plotted Contour of my land
      Building Fitness
      Started a Business for sustainability
      Started saving a cash backup
      My 72 hour bag or Bug Out Bag

I am not going to sit here and analyse everything, I am just trying to be transparent.  What I would normally do is review last years goals and did I meet them.  But since I didn’t have my blog then, I am just going over my accomplishments.  Next year, it will be goals vs. accomplishments.

Here are my goals for 2014:

Social and Email   Food  
  Go to Gunshows/ Survival Expos   Make different beers (Who wants me to start doing beer review?)
  Connect with one person a day/week   Biltong
  One Email Marketing Campaign   Jerky
  Maybe include meetups during each show or expo   Hunting, (IF ANY OF YOU ARE IN WEST TN, LOOK ME UP)
Organization     Make Yogurt
  Learn more about GTD and IQTELL   Plant some food trees
      New garden
Web Improvements, Tracking, SEO     Can some veggies or meat
  (2 other goals, but for security, I left them off)   Get Pressure Canner
  20 Satellite Sites Water  
  Make CS mobile look like PP mobile   50 Soda Bottles of Water
  Improve site load time   Build at least one more rain catchment
      Get a Birkey
Podcasts and Posts   Shelter  
      Sleeping Bags for each family member
Income Generating     electric blankets for each member
  Create Prepper Store (Ecommerce site)   tent for each member
  Create 3 shirts for store   build one primitive shelter with family
  Make an Electrical Book for Preppers (Who would buy it???)   Work on home efficiency
  Encryption Software? Much bigger project than I thought.  Any software people contact me) Energy  
  Prepper Plan App (awesome project!)   Learn one primitive fire building technique
  Create Plus Membership (this will never be a paid site, but I will give EXTRAS to plus members)   Get sun to dollars and build one solar heater
Other     Research and maybe build solar AC
  Password Security Software (for my assistant, to raise MY security)   Buy a new generator
  10 Google Plus Meetups   Propane Heater
      Window Jams
      Install 3m Screens and see if it works (window breaking)
      Buy more Ammo
      7mm Scope
      Wife Gun
      Concealed Carry Permit
      Come up with a plan/research
      Get HOME first Aid in a tub
      Make a medicinal tincture
      Make a list of medicines needed for us
      Get HAM license
      72 hour bag for Wife
      Orient an orienteering course
      Achieve 1000 cash backup fund (on my way there already)
      Pay off credit card (not far to go)
      Business (continue)
      Get a distiller
      Ammo Reloader

So… All in all, that is what I have.  Have you made your review and goal lists?  In the comments, let me know your goals for the year!

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