Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

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US Military Oath of Enlistment,, Molon Labe Oath
November 11, 2013
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November 15, 2013
Child Guidance, Teaching Children, Survival Skills for Kids, Preparedness

Child Guidance, Teaching Children, Survival Skills for Kids, Preparedness

Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

I was sent an email by a member of our community.  You can ask me to visit a topic as well!  He asked me if I had any suggestions for training children.  This is actually a big issue, because many mainstream people believe that training a child is just a way to justify abuse, and this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We train them and supply their needs with love and care.  We learn to do so within their interests, so it is fun.  While they shove textbooks that children hate down their throats, we are lovingly providing their needs and teaching them in a way they love.  First part of my answer is todays post.  Next post will be on training, but today we will learn guidance for raising healthy families in survival situations.  Specific needs must be met for healthy children and healthy babies.  Healthy Children need the following:


  • Children grow and grow and GROW.  It is hard to keep them in clothes that fit.  It is a great idea to buy gently used clothing, and to do so years in advanced, so if there is a reason you can’t buy clothes anymore, you have to have some put back.  They may not wear the clothes that you bought much, typically, but when it comes down to it in a survival situation, they will.  This is a good reason that you are buying cheaper clothing.
  • For my daughter, I like the flowy dresses, because as she has gotten older, they turn into really neat looking, and “in style” shirts.
  • If you buy your pants a little bit large for them, they can wear a belt until they fit, when they get too big for them, you need to consider a few things.  Am I going to hand them down to the next child, or am I going to be able to alter the clothing.
  • If you decide that you will alter them, lets look at a few ways to do that.  Pants can be altered around the waste by cutting the sides down a bit and adding some extra fabric in almost a v shape.  The same can be done with the bottoms of tight jeans.  If they get too short, two things can be done, depending on the importance of keeping pants or shorts.  You can hem them into shorts, or you can think of a creative way to lengthening the pants with some extra fabric.
  • I don’t have a lot of suggestion on shirts beyond what I said earlier, but you can always cut a V into the neck, cut off the sleeves to use as a work shirt on hot days.
  • Make sure you don’t forget shoes and jackets for cold weather.


  • I don’t agree with how medicated we have gotten as a society, but there is absolutely no doubting that some issues or ailments must be treated, so when thinking of your children, you need to keep an ample supply of  any maintenance medication that they need.
  • If you don’t know if they are allergic to something, you probably don’t need to give it to them.  Penicillin and other medicines with a high allergy rate, are a bad idea unless you know that your child is not allergic to it.
  • Children have similar medicine needs as adults with usually half the dose (ask a pharmacist / doctor).
  • Benadryl is great for allergic reactions.  EPI pens are better, but they expire.


  • Little girls may bleed one day, keep pads on hand.  The pads are great for emergency first aid as well, using it as sterile gauze.

Appetite Fatigue

Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival


  • This is just a fancy way of saying, “Children and Elderly easily get tired of eating the same stuff over and over.”  You may be able to eat just rice and beans for six months, but children don’t understand to the degree that we do.  They will eventually just starve themselves until they begin to lose energy.  Eventually they will eat, but it’s just easier to give them some variety and treats.  We really try hard to keep our children from eating crap like Little Debbie and such (no thanks to Nana!) but in a survival situation, I will definitely allow them to have some less nutritional items, just to make their time a little enjoyable.  They can have their best soups, and maybe even Chef Boyardee!


My children will be plenty busy helping out in this scenario, but even still, they need some fun outlets beyond work, work, and work.  They ARE children, after all.  Some ideas of things to get for all of the age groups (You can look at Good Will and yard sales for really cheap stuff):

Board Games

  • Sporting Equipment (basket, base, foot, and volleyballs, Frisbees, horseshoes, etc.)

    Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

    Guidance for Raising Healthy Families, Children, Kids, or Babies in Survival

  • Coloring Books, crayons, colored pencils (dollar stores)
  • A box of Printer Paper, water color paint, and water based finger paints
  • I don’t really let them play it often right now, but if you have power systems, don’t look away for the videogame entertainment systems or a good movie!
  • B-B Guns, Pellet Rifles, Airsoft Guns, and slingshots


  • A lot of people say that children can’t contribute much, but I disagree.  Children can be extremely helpful and sufficient.  And without a doubt, they ALWAYS contribute to a massive dirty laundry pile.
  • You will want ways to wash by hand, and by machine.  You want detergents, or the components to make your own.
  • You may have a drier, but get a clothesline.  And, for the love of God, would you please use the clothesline that you have (my wife included).


  • Children need to learn chores at an early age.  You need to give them whatever tasks that you think they can handle.  They may not do it quite to your standard, but you still need to let them do it if they can.  I am talking to myself about this as well, although our children do have chores, but I think I should allow them to do a little bit more.
  • In a stressful scenario, they may be forced to contribute, so having experience will help them out a lot.




  • If you are a prepper, or a hippie, or cheap as dirt, you all must agree with the fact that Breast Feeding is the best nutritionally, and most sustainable way of providing food for your baby.  I don’t agree with what is in formula, but I wouldn’t fault someone for stocking up on some, because it may help when mom’s nutrition is lacking.  Never consider replacing, or continually supplement your mild supply, as it may cause further issues and lead to undesired weaning.
  • If you can get a manual food processor, that would allow you to puree garden fresh food for a growing baby.

Transporting a Child

I am not talking about the car, I am talking about baby carriers.  A baby carrier frees up your hands to do other things, and makes the baby feel close.  The ERGO is a good carrier brand.  Stay away from carriers that allow the legs to hang straight down, because they cut circulation off on the main artery in the legs.  Support the butt and legs in an almost, sitting position.

Babies come with lots of… stuff.  First, they use diapers.  You could save up $1000 dollars a year worth of disposable diapers, or you could go with a few hundred in cloth.  What I am going to tell you all to do is to keep some disposables on hand at all times.  We use them when we think we will be out for a long time, or when we are on long trips (days and weeks) for simplicity.  The main reason for having them is because children can develop rashes from too much moisture and other problems.  It is just nice to be able to jump over to disposable for a few days and use diaper cream until a rash goes away.

Here is a list of more “stuff” That a baby comes with much of the time:

  • Bottles (no liners!) and the components that come with them
  • Mucus Syringe (Snot sucker)
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby shampoo
  • Baby grooming equipment
  • Baby wipes
  • Teething gel or Tablets
  • Ear or rectal thermometer
  • Crib, bedding, and blankets

Today’s list wasn’t an all-inclusive list, it was just looking at some special needs that a child has over an adult.  You can’t expect your child to be you!  We need to raise healthy children if times are good, or if they are not.  Let’s do them a favor and be able to provide for them when times are not good.

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