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It was brought to the attention of this blogger of The Clever Survivalist by Mr. Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast about some local thuggery happening in Williamstown Township, Michigan by some so called “officials.”  A woman, that goes by the name of Jessica Hudson has a small farm that she uses for providing chemical free goat’s milk and eggs to her incredibly allergic family (which turned out to NOT be allergic to natural grown stuff on their farm).  She moved out of the city to have a small farm.  She got permission prior to the purchase of the land to have the farm.  After some time, the local bureaucrats decided that she no longer had permission to have this farm.

She did everything in her power to work with the government, but they would not budge.  She has said that she would fight it.  Her farm is supposed to be protected by the “right to farm act” by the way.  I guess acts and laws are only important when they are in the best interest of the government.

If you would like to know the details about this story, here is the news article about it from the local paper, and the FULL story from her blog.

Well, SHE IS NOT ALONE.  The Survival Podcast, and now The Clever Survivalist, is standing behind her.  Not the owners of the websites, but the communities behind the websites are standing behind her.  TSP listeners have raised over $10,000 to help her fight the government money backed lawyers.

They are not done.  I am not gong to let them be done.  I want everyone that reads my blog, which I have never yet asked you for a dime for myself, and feels convicted to help to give her a small donation to her paypal account.  Just 5 or 10 bucks.  If you do, and you send me the confirmation (with personal information blanked out), I will place you in a drawing.  Last drawing I had was a pretty awesome one, and based on the funds raised for Jessica and her family, I am hoping to have a bigger giveaway.

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