How to Find Preppers in Your Area and Why You Should Do It

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Why you should meet people to help your preparedness

The big reason that you join a community in the very beginning is because you will have terrific ideas, but they will be untimely and out of order.

Using people as a sound-board for your ideas, you can invite knowledge and wisdom into your decisions from people that have been preparing for quite some time.

Consider joining a local prepper group!

Why do I actually think it extremely important that people meet up locally? Because no matter how nationally influential a group becomes, when it matters, it is your family, friends, and neighbors that you will turn to when crisis hits.

  • I created a prepper group in my area. As cliche as it may sound, I placed an ad on craigslist to meet preppers.
  • I met a few over coffee and created a local group that began hosting meetings through a facebook group.
  • Yet another place you could look at is

Don’t forget the resources that are online!

I recommend joining an online group or forum, and it doesn’t really matter which one.

There is a forum that I am part of that I can recommend. Give Top Survival Forum a chance and write your ideas and opinions down, so you don’t lose them.

Another great forum is Bushcraft Forums.

I have a group on facebook that you can join: Bushcraft Woodcraft Survival & Outdoor Self-Reliance

Please use your neighbors

You don’t have to divulge all the info about your prepping, but you can still work on a great relationship with your neighbors.

You can learn what they are best at that would help a group in a SHTF scenario.

It is better to be surrounded by friends than by acquaintances or even enemies. When people are willing to bend their morals, they would be less likely to do so against their good friends.

This being said… Some people just don’t care, so practice some operational security.


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