Covert BOV
6 Ways to Build a Covert Bug Out Vehicle (BOV) or Gray Car
January 16, 2017
infiltration tactics
130 Tactical Maneuver: Infiltration Tactics
March 24, 2017
cold weather survival

It is extremely important to be ready to the issues life will throw at us in the many different situations we will find ourselves in.
Situations like:
  • Backpacking survival scenarios
  • Hiking in the wilderness or desert
  • Or even stuck in place during a winter storm
Today I will share a presentation that I have created specifically for COLD WEATHER survival.
If you want to know what to do with frostbite, trench foot, or even hypothermia, just flip through this presentation…

 Infographic about Cold Weather First Aid and Survival

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Ken is addicted to fitness and mountain biking. He is such a thrill seeker, people are starting to be concerned!He enjoys MTBing, Hiking, Climbing, Geocaching, Orienteering, Weight Lifting, and Wilderness Survival.

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