4 Amazing Tips for Purchasing a Great Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)

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October 7, 2016
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October 21, 2016

Don’t be that poor sap, with a blown up motor on your truck in the middle of an ice storm.  Your vehicle could meet every single that makes it the most awesome Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) ever.  But if it isn’t reliable, all you have is a jacked-up, all-terrain, 4-wheel drive, over-sized PIECE OF CRAP.

Three Key Factors Can Keep Vehicle Going Strong


If you want your Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) to outlast you, it isn’t going to be done by accident.  It is going to take careful consideration and deliberate action to get your vehicle to this point.  If you want a vehicle to last, then you need to:

  • Purchase a Reliable Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)
  • Perform Maintenance on your Vehicle
  • Drive Calmly

Now, I will explain point #1, which is purchasing a reliable BOV.

Want a reliable Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV)? Then Purchase One!

It is hard to take a total run down piece of junk and make it run reliably for years.  Sooooo… Don’t buy one!  If you want to purchase a reliable Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV), then just find the best ones!

  • Choose a Vehicle from a Great Manufacturer
  • Choose a Vehicle with Good Resale
  • Choose a Vehicle with Great Reviews
  • Read the Technical Service Bulletins

Choosing a Great Manufacturer

Vehicles are precision machines these days, and you can get an extremely reliable one if you purchase one from a reputable manufacturer, and reputable dealer.  It is extremely important that you can trust the people making and selling you your vehicle.

Many manufacturers have an occult following because they are known for extreme quality and service.  You will want a vehicle from them.

Choose a Vehicle with Great Resale Value

If you ever need to sell your vehicle, it is important that you don’t loose too much money.  This is called, an exit strategy.  But this isn’t why I am telling you to look at resale value, right now.

If you don’t EVER sell your vehicle, and your plan is to drive it until it falls completely apart, vehicles with great resale are usually the ones that will last the longest with the fewest problems.  The resale value of a vehicle is somewhat related to the chance of that vehicle lasting even longer.

If you choose a vehicle with great resale value, you will probably have a reliable one.

Look For Great Reviews on the Vehicle You Want to Buy

By checking reviews and automobile ratings on popular sites like Edmunds.com, kbb.com, cars.com, or others, you can get a good feel about your vehicle.  They provide a good insight of what to look for in a new vehicle.

You need to go one step further still.  Go to a good search engine, and just type in something like, “problems with 2005 F250 forum” or “issues with 2010 Jeep Wrangler forum.”  What you are looking to do here, is to get real problems from real people.  Forums are probably the best way to get real information without worrying if someone is getting paid for a good review.

Oh, and while you are looking up reviews on vehicles, if you have a Vehicle Identification Number, then look up the Vehicle History on Carfax.com, Autocheck.com, NICB.com, and nmvtis.gov (Nat. Motor Vehicle Title Info Systems).

Read the Technical Service Bulletins on a Vehicle

I don’t care if you are purchasing a new or old vehicle.  Technical service bulletins are one of the best ways to find common problems with a vehicle that most people will not hear about.  If you are purchasing a used vehicle, you can understand what you are getting into, and if you want the problem corrected before you purchase it.

Just because a vehicle wasn’t recalled, doesn’t mean it is perfect.  Usually within the warranty period on a vehicle, all technical service bulletins will be serviced for free.  After this period, you will have to pay, unless it is a recall.

I had a Jeep Liberty, and it was known to shift gears at too high an RPM.  I didn’t know there was a computer fix for this problem until I was just outside my warranty period.

Use a search engine again and type in “technical service bulletins (ford/chevy/jeep/etc)”.  Among the top search results will be the TSB lookup on the MANUFACTURERS WEBSITE.  Use the manufacturer’s website for accurate information.

Research the Bug-Out Vehicle (BOV) You Want to Buy for Amazing Reliability

If you are going to spend thousands of dollars because you would prefer the reliability of a more expensive car, then you better take the time to research if you are getting the automobile you deserve.

Choose a great manufacturer, make, and model with a great reputation, and you won’t regret your decision in the end.

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