These Two Simple Items are Critical When Choosing a Bug Out Location (BOL)

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Both items are convenience based: convenient to resources and convenient to your current location.

Resources are extremely important when bugging out, so be tactical in your choices.  You also have to have a convenient location, so you will be more willing to visit often and work it into something liveable.

Location Determines Convenience!

bug out location

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You may be an hour and a half away from a large town with medical care, but you should be about 30 minutes or less to a small town of a few hundred people.  Although you may not want to live in a town, they come with many small conveniences you will enjoy.

  • Gasoline
  • Grocery Items
  • Family Doctors
  • Post Office
  • Hardware Stores
  • Libraries
  • And much more

It is nice to hop into town when you need something.  In a smaller township, you have the benefit of knowing the residents.

Don’t Choose a Bug Out Location across the Country

Assuming you have a job, how easy is it for you to drive 12 hours to your bug out location, work on it through the weekend, and then drive 12 hours back?

Choose a BOL 3-4 hours from your home.

Even with your BOL being 6 hours away, you will rarely spend time there.  And when you do go to do work on your property, you will be lost a bit, since it will have been so long after the last time.

You should choose a BOL within 3-4 hours from your home in MOST circumstances, so you can visit often, and build an amazing property.

Don’t Fail to Choose a Convenient Location

Without resources available in a SHTF scenario, you could end up dead.  Without a convenient location to you now, you aren’t likely to work on it, and therefore, your property will not be able to provide you with the resources you need.  Still, you end up dead.  Don’t do this!


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