This ONE Group of People Will Destroy Progress on Your Bug Out Location (BOL)

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June 3, 2016
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Choose the Perfect Bug Out Location (BOL) Every Time
June 13, 2016
Home Owners Association

Did you know that there is a group of people out there that can single-handedly ruin any potential your Bug Out Location (BOL) could have?

This group destroys resiliency and property rights, all in the name of “property values.”  It consists of neighbors that look over privacy fences and invade your privacy, just to catch you in the act of doing some project they don’t like.

Figured out who this group is yet?… The Home Owners Association (HOA)!!!

Home Owners Associations are Just another Form of Government

We have National Government, State Government, County Government, City Government, and even more Government Regulations based on whatever it is you are doing today.  I have a great idea…

Let’s add more government!

Don’t ever add more government over you if you can help it.  An HOA (Home Owners Association) is just one more layer of government that you don’t need.  STAY AWAY FROM THEM!


You can’t hide in rural communities from them anymore… THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!

Governments Can’t Always Enforce Their Tyrannical and Ridiculous Laws, but HOAs Can!

Most Home Owners Associations are a group of neighbors that are willing to invade your right to privacy so they can catch you doing things that hurt no one because they don’t like it.

Police show discretion, and don’t enforce many old laws because they aren’t relevant and are a waste of time.  Good think we have silver-haired ladies with nothing better to do that are willing to sit at the window with binoculars and watch the evil neighbors with a contained burn barrel, water collection system, or small chicken tractor.

Now we can all rest easy.

Do Not Purchase a Property in a Home Owners Association

home owners association

If you find a beautiful property in a great location, be careful that it isn’t in an area covered under a Home Owners Association.  If it is, some properties have the ability to OPT out of the HOA.  If so, make sure that you do this.

Go a step further and stay away from places that have any behavioral contracts or addendum added to the purchase agreement of your property.

It is hard enough to get ahead on your Bug Out Location without dealing with nosy people that want to be in your business at all times.


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