Catch Squatters and Thieves and Prevent Destruction of Your Bug Out Location (BOL)

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May 2, 2016
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Rural properties with little oversight are typically targeted by people that need a place to live or by others that enjoy steeling or destroying your private property.

Bug Out Locations (BOL) are usually exactly this type of land.  You need to anticipate this behavior, and ACT NOW to stop it.

Get All of the Illegal Residents off of Your Land

Illegal Residents is just a nice term for squatters.  Many times, remote land will accumulate squatters.  It is easy to settle into a property that isn’t being watched.

The main problem you have to cover is catching them.  The easiest way to do this is to provide easy access to them.  THAT’S RIGHT!

Have fencing around your property and post is as “no-trespassing”.  Then provide an easy way for people to get in and out while you are gone.


no trespassing

Catch Squatters by Giving Them Easy Access to Your Property

People will take the path of least resistance, and will take the easiest access to your property, which will then have an ingeniously placed game camera set-up to catch anyone accessing the property.

Take it a step further and place game cameras around your main clearing (where you will have your home or foundation at).  Also make a nice “campsite” on your property that true squatters will want to stay at.  That location will also have game cameras set up.

Each of the game cameras need access to upload images or video to the internet so you can remotely monitor your property and take early action as soon as you see people on it.

Thieves and Property Destroyers Better Run

The same camera system that you set up for squatters can also be used to catch thieves and people that want to damage your property.  This gives you proof and notification of what they have been doing in your BOL.

A major problem that occurs on remote properties is the theft of camper trailers.  Campers are fairly easy to hook up and take away.  One way to get rid of this possibility is to lock the hitch on the camper.

You can also completely cut the hitch off (and save it) so no one will just snap a lock to get to it.  When you need to move it, just bring the hitch and a welder to weld it back on.  If you don’t trust your welds, then come up with a bolting system with locking nuts.

Don’t Trust People.  Protect Your Property.

protect your property

You need to be realistic.  People can be menaces or pests.  Keep all my tips in mind when you feel like making that next improvement on your bug out location.

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