Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Boundary Disputes on Your Bug Out Location.

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April 18, 2016
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May 2, 2016
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Boundary disputes are extremely common in the court system.  It usually happens in rural areas, which is typically where you would have a BOL (Bug Out Location).

Your Fence line  is NOT Your Boundary. Learn It or Be Sued.

fence line

Many people assume that their boundaries are where their fences lie.  If you think this is true, you could lose a bunch of your property.

You may have access to water features, fields, forests or other amazing resource cut off from you if you don’t have valid proof that you own it.

This is an easy thing to fix.  You can use a couple tools at your disposal to prove the land boundaries.

Use a GPS for Easy Self-Surveying

Use a GPS for Easy Self-Surveying

Take a field GPS with you and walk the property fence lines.  The GPS data can be uploaded and places on a public sourced map, such as google.

You don’t even have to spend any money on this survey

If you then look at public assessment data and past survey info, you can overlay the property lines onto the same map.  Now you have the ability to see if the fence lines follow the property.   You don’t even have to spend any money on this survey, except for the cost of a GPS if you don’t borrow one!

Hire a Surveyor for a Legal Proof of Ownership

GPS for Easy Self-Surveying

Just hire someone to give you a valid, legal survey for the property.  They typically don’t cost much more than $200-$800 based of location.

Provide yourself with evidence of ownership

This will provide you with evidence of ownership if someone ever tries to dispute it with you.

While you are doing this, ask for the surveyor to pull the historic survey maps on the property.  This will be your proof of a legitimate survey, both to yourself and the court system.

Take Your Survey to the Neighbors to Ensure Your Legal Rights

Take Your Survey to the Neighbors to Ensure Your Legal Rights

If you have a survey done and it proves that your land extends beyond your fence, especially if it has been maintained by another property owner, you need to let that owner know.

You may not want take the excess property or even deal with moving your fences, but you can now come to a legal understanding that the land is yours and they have the privilege of using it until you decide otherwise.

Our Goal? Avoid or Win in Court.

If you survey your property, hire a surveyor, look at historic survey maps, and talk to your neighbors, you should have every legal advantage you need to win in court.

This is enough to deter suits against you, and if you still end up in court, you will have the upper hand.

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