Legal Pitfalls to Avoid When Purchasing Land for a Bug Out Location

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April 15, 2016
bug out location
Simple Tips to Help You Avoid Boundary Disputes on Your Bug Out Location.
April 25, 2016

Purchasing a Bug Out Location is a perfect example of a property that can be placed at the muzzle end of a “legal firing squad”

Not only will you purchase a property that you may not be too familiar with, but you also will not be able to manage the property as well as a local resident of the area.

Avoid These Common Legal Nightmares on Your Property

Because of the reduced management and amount of items that can cause you a headache, you should take the time to cover your behind.  Here are a few legal items to avoid when you purchase land.

(Note: I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY AND DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVICE, this is only for personal information, always check with your laws.)

Boundary Conflicts

boundary conflicts

Fighting over property lines between neighbors.

Multiple Property Sales

multiple property for sale

People selling the same property multiple times.

Illegal Residents

illegal residents

Squatters or people staying on your property without permission.

Property Destruction or Theft


Vandalism or people stealing your stuff on the property.

Livestock Disputes


Fighting about who the livestock belongs to.

Illegal Sales

illegal sales

Many different ways that people can sale illegally, such as some short sales.

Land Use and Resource Rights

Getting legal use of your property, access to your property, and the resources on the property.

Leasing of Land

land for lease

What rights you have, and actions you should take when improving leased land.

Home Owners Associations

Government in its lowest form.  Always opt-out.

Don’t Get Stuck in These Situations

Avoid any of these items when purchasing a property.  The items I listed are actually the most common cases brought to court, so obviously, are a big issue.

Just knowing that these problems exist and what they are should help you identify them and, hopefully, avoid them.


legal pitfalls

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